Magazine offers insights into a day in the lives of Palestinian “common heroes”

Posted on Jul 30, 2015

150730PalestineMagazineA letter from General Manager Sani Meo

(This Week in Palestine) July 30, 2015 – The August 2015 issue of This Week in Palestine with the theme “A Day in the Life,” is out. The editorial section is a rich and a diverse compilation of insights into a day in the lives of Palestinian common heroes who, despite challenges, have managed only to keep going, but also to excel in what they do. Content includes articles on a hardworking Palestinian mother, the only fisherwoman in Gaza (cover), and a visually-impaired woman also from Gaza who has conquered her insecurities and has become a productive working woman. We bring to you a snapshot on a normal day as a Palestinian prisoner in an Israeli prison, a day is the life of a fourth general Palestinian living in Chile, a student from Arroub Camp who is excelling in Earlham College, Indiana, and another one at Harvard University. Do read about a typical hard day in the life of Bedouin, a contemplate on the human story on a day of return to the displaced village of Iqrit. We even have a piece on a day in the life of a Palestinian acoustician! Lastly, we have an interesting piece on a day in the life of the West Bank on, July 9th, to be specific, when Snapchat was pressured to feature “Palestine” as a result of Palestinian outrage for featuring Tel Aviv on the anniversary of Israel’s war on Gaza last year.

In our “In the Limelight” section, we are very happy to feature Vera Baboun, mayor of Bethlehem, who works ceaselessly for the benefit of her hometown. The beautiful voice Dalal Abu from Nazareth is our artist of the month, and as for our book this month, well we have two! The first is A War Without Chocolate by an amazing woman, Betty Majaj. The book is both Mrs. Majaj’s personal story and an eyewitness to important historic times and events. Our second book of the month is I am Free (Ana Hurra) by Valantina Abu Oqsa. It’s a play focusing on the dispossessed human side of political prisoners. We also take you to the beautiful Deir Hijleh, which is a modern-day Greek Orthodox monastery in Jericho, and a preferred venue for picnics and barbeques! We invite you to visit The Abu Jihad Museum of Al Quds University in Abu Dis that essentially documents the experience of 800,000 Palestinians who hone through the experience of imprisonment throughout the years of the Palestinian struggle.

To remind you, the theme for the upcoming September 2015 issue is “Sports in Palestine,” and that of October 2015 is “Uniquely Palestinian. “As for November 2015, the theme chosen is “Palestinian Resources.” The November issue will focus on what resources Palestine has; both human and natural resources.

A big thank you is always in order for those who have sent their comments on our theme which you could find dispersed within the articles under and also in the article “Our Readers Say …”

Finally, thank you all for your continued support, and do keep your comments and suggestions coming!

Warmly (literally),

Sani Meo


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