Catholics and Muslims Together for Development, Justice and Peace

From the Osservatore Romano

The Vatican News Paper N.251996 June page 5, Weekly Edition published what follows:

Muslims and Catholics issue statement in Cairo on impor tance of co-operaffon in promoting development.

The following is the English text of the statement issued by IslamoCatholic Committee after meeting on 30 May in Cairo, Egypt. On Thursday, 12 Muharram 1417, corresponding to 30 May 1996, the Islamo-Catholic Liaison Committee held its second meeting in Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt. It met to examine basic issues in the light of religious values with the aim of promoting collaboration between Christians and Muslims for the fulfillment of the hopes of people for development, justice and peace. Three themes were studied; the relationship between justice and human dignity, environmental protection and human security, and poverty and methods of relief.

After sharing information and exchanging points of view the participants agreed upon the following:

1) That the defense of society from justice, from the pollution of the environment and from the increase of poverty is part of the responsibility of political and religious institutions.

2) To call upon these institutions to hold meeting, each in its own field and together in sofar as is possible, to study the threats to human dignity and to the environment, and collaborate in overcoming them, mindful of the links between these two.

3) To urge governmental and nongovernmental institutions, religious organizations and centres of scientific and cultural research to collaborate in removing the causes of aggression against human dignity and against the safety of the environment, and bringing relief to the poor by providing the basic necessities with regard to housing, health and food.

4) The participants agreed to call upon experts on both sides to prepare studies on specific themes which will then be submitted to the Committee for examination in future meetings.

5) The participants expressed their great sorrow at the killing of seven monks in Algeria, at the same time expressing their refusal and condemnation of all violence, especially in the name of religion, in any place and from whatever source.

6) The participants expressed their pleasure at the meeting in Egypt, and their appreciation and thanks to the Grand Immam Sheikh A1Azhar for his participation.

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