Madonna & Gaza

Posted on May 9, 2019

The bombing in Gaza has stopped – and, incredibly, one of the reported reasons is that Israel doesn’t want fighting during next week’s Eurovision song contest when millions of TV viewers will tune in.

For months the Israeli government has pulled out all of the stops to make Eurovision a huge moment for ‘Brand Israel,’ even recruiting one of the world’s biggest stars to perform: Madonna. 

But Madonna has publicly supported Palestinian freedom and denounced the killing of children in Gaza in the past. And we need to make sure that she sees the devastating bombings last weekend as proof for her to put those values into action.

Add your name – and then your tweets – to call on Madonna to cancel her Eurovision performance:

Choose Freedom: Boycott Eurovision, Madonna!

The decision to stop the bombing shows just how important Eurovision is to the Israeli government as an anchor event of its enormous PR effort to whitewash its horrific war crimes and racist law making.

And Madonna’s performance is a critical part of that effort. Israel desperately hopes that Madonna’s performance will help distract from the controversy surrounding Eurovision. They even brought in a BDS-hating Canadian billionaire to cover all of her costs.

Now there’s just days to go, so we’ve got to move fast. Let’s appeal to Madonna to make a huge statement for freedom and equality and live up to her past positive statements of support for Palestinians by refusing to lend her brand to distract the world from Israel’s brutal treatment of Palestinians.

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Granate Kim
Communications Director