Made Up History

Posted on Mar 12, 2019

Christian Peacemaker Team

Hebron, March 7, 2019 – Many people would like to present their history as legendary. Victors even have the power to achieve that. They mold the past like clay into the artifact they love, just for the sake of their own public relations. This sign shows an extreme example of that.




Image: History according to the Israeli point of view.

History according to the Israeli point of view.

The text suggests that there would have been a division in the past of the city into two parts and the poor Israelis got only a very tiny part. Furthermore, Israeli’s would be denied entrance to the Palestinian shopping areas.

In reality, Hebron has been mainly a Palestinian city for a long time. Israeli settlers came to tear the historical heart of Hebron into pieces to establish their heavily guarded settlements with the help of the Israeli military, which has occupied the West Bank since 1967.

Israeli soldiers expropriated large Palestinian shopping areas without any compensation. They used the unrest following the massacre perpetrated by Israeli-American Baruch Goldstein in the Al-Ibrahimi mosque to achieve this. Although officially prohibited, the rest of the Palestinian shopping areas are still visited, without any inconvenience, by Israeli people now and then, looking for a cheap buy.

The Second Intifadah started after the Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon made a visit to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to provoke the Palestinians, which had nothing to do with Hebron.

It’s clear this piece of manufactured history is just put up there to boost the Israeli settler feeling.