Father Labib Kobti

Sunday and Holy Day Reflections

A Priest’s mission is the world

Dear new family of St. Thomas More
August 14, 2002


We are new to you. Myself as your Pastor, Father Labib Kobti, and the parochial vicar, Fr. Francis Tiso. You are also new to us. We have left our beloved family-communities responding to the call of our Archbishop, William Levada to serve and love you.

Beloved Father Jerome Foley, who has served you for six years, has left you for his new mission, St. James. With you all, we are grateful for the hard work that Dear father Foley has accomplished at St. Thomas More. He worked hard to bring back the church, the rectory and many ministries and activities.

We never lose a priest when the superiors decide to send him to another mission. A priest always extends his apostolate to different places serving the same one Lord of all. I came from the Middle East, Fr. Francis came from New-York and then from Italy. A priest’s mission is the world.

On this Sunday of the Year, Jesus speaks about  “my yoke” which means   burden. “Take my yoke upon you, He says, and learn from me”. He suggests that there are other “burdens”, yours, his, her, ours. When at the same time, in many other places in the Gospel, He identifies himself with the “little ones”, like of the reading of last Sunday.

We are coming as your priests to share with you the burden of Jesus, your burden and ours and try to do all our best to find how we can, as a family become “meek and humble of heart” so as ”to find rest in Jesus” as we will try to discover during the years that we will be serving you the meaning of: ‘My yoke is easy, and my burden light”.

Please help us to serve you for the best. Tell us what you expect from us so as to be real pastors to you all.
Please start by praying for us.

Father Labib Kobti, Pastor



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16 May 2006