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What if the Body of Christ Had Been Stolen and, if at last, They Have Found the Body of Christ?


by Abouna Labib Kobti


In his book, The Jesus Family, Simcha Jacobovici argues that the Tomb of Jesus has been found. On March 4, 2007, the Discovery Channel aired the documentary "The Lost Tomb of Jesus," and James Cameron is producing a new film on the same subject.

Let us suppose that the disciples had stolen the body and then after few days or months they gave it to the family of Jesus to be buried in Jerusalem as Simcha Jacobovici and others claim.

 If this  were [subjective in English] true, the Roman soldiers would have been executed because the Roman Empire would not have tolerated any failure on their part. Pilate, out of fear for his position, would have sent his army to look for the body of Jesus on every corner and in every house that Jesus had ever visited or passed by during his three years of public life. He would have persecuted all those who had been cured by Jesus, and he would  have killed the disciples of Jesus. This would have been a great victory for the high priests who wanted be finished with this new sect of Nazarenes, called Christians.

The high priests would have shown the tomb and the body to people in an effort, against the Christians, to prove  that Jesus was not the Messiah and to destroy  Christianity from the very beginning.

St. Paul, who had persecuted Christians and carried letters from the high priests with orders to bring back Christians from Damascus to Jerusalem to be killed (Acts 9), would have killed all the Christians for witnessing against God, as Paul was a known zealot.

 However, none of the previous events happened. The Romans did not act. The high priests arrested, jailed, and punished the disciples many times and ordered them not to mention even the name of Jesus (Act 4, 1-20, Acts 5, 17-42). The disciples responded "Whether it is right in the sight of God for us to obey you rather than God, you be the judges. It is impossible for us not to speak about what we have seen and heard' (Acts 4:19-20).

 The Roman Governor Festus presented to King Agripa and his wife Bernice the case of Paul saying: "There is a man here left in custody by Felix (the late Governor before Festus). When I was in Jerusalem, the chief priests and the elders of the Jews brought charges against him and demanded his condemnation. I answered them that it was not Roman practice to hand over an accused man before he had faced his accusers and had opportunity to defend himself against their charges... His accusers stood around him, but did not charge him with any of the crimes I suspected. Instead they had some issues concerning Jesus who had died but Paul claimed was alive...”(Acts 26, 13-27).

This was few years after the death and resurrection of Jesus. If indeed the chief priests or the Romans had had any proof of the existence of the body or of the “lost tomb of Jesus", would they still have discussed condemning Paul for a false claim?

 So do not listen to the people who make claims about things such as this “lost tomb.” Many others tried to destroy the Christian faith and they could not.

They even one time tried to sue the church. An Italian atheist Luigi Cascioli, who marketed The Fable of Christ, brought a suit against the Catholic Church for perpetuating a fraud, questioning the existence of Jesus. Archeologists, historians, scientists, and Biblical scholars have proven the existence and the resurrection of Jesus.

 Alleluia! He is risen!



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13 Apr 2007