Father Labib Kobti

Sunday and Holy Day Reflections


I am the handmaid of the Lord


What would a pregnant mother expect for the deliverance of her son or daughter?
Off course she will not accept to deliver him away from any help or far away from any hospital or clinic? Never.
So can you imagine with me how was the feeling of the Holy Mother, Mary, when she came to Bethlehem and did not find a place where to deliver Jesus?
Can you see with me what would she was thinking when she knows that Jesus is not a common person. He is the son of God, the son of a King, the master of the world.
Can you imagine with me when she entered the manger of animals and she looked around and she found cows, sheep and donkeys?
Can you think what would she do and ask Joseph the "whys"? And what would he husband Joseph think of also?
Here comes the faith of Mary. She will not say a word that can speak of doubt of the love of God; she would not say one word of blaming anybody. She will only say: "Here Am I the handmaid of the Lord".
The words that she said to Angel Gabriel now will have a real meaning, now they mean what she said: I accept every thing from God as a great gift of Love. Yes, everything in our lives is a great gift of God. great gifts of his love. And only when we understand this mystery of God's love we can start to understand God and love everything in our lives even the unhappy moments. Only when we see these gifts as acts of loves from God that we can fill our hearts and the hearts of others with love and respect. And off course stop blaming God or anybody for any unhappy moments.

In fact, the birth of Jesus in a manger, Jesus, the Lord of Heaven and Earth could be the unhappy moment of Mary and Joseph. Their faith and their trust in God made it the happiest moments ever for the whole world. The angels will sing "Glory to God in the highest, and peace to the people on earth. The shepherds will come to add to the joy of the world and be the first people on earth to glorify God. The magi will come also to add to these joyful moments of faith, love and abandon in God's hands.

Only God can change your difficult times to joys and happiness. He is the only person in the world that knows how to do that. You need only to trust God and have faith in his power of love. You need not to blame, but to thank. The power of thanking is a great power to change the unhappy moments to happiness. In thanking you prove that you accept the will of God and God will change everything for the best. You will never be more generous than God when you accept the difficulties of live with love and resignation and patience. God knows how he can make it for the best of your life.

Try then with Mary and Joseph to accept the unhappy moments as gifts of love from God and stop blaming and refusing them. On the contrary thank God always as Paul asks us always to do. Love these gifts of God as they are without trying to reject some of them, or part of them, accept them as a whole.



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16 May 2006