Father Labib Kobti

Sunday and Holy Day Reflections


She smiled and he smiled
Christmas 2004

It was night, not like any night,
They say also it was cold,
Not as cold as I can remember.
There when nobody was aware,
Or when many others were in the hostel,
In a manger a baby boy was born.

She looked at him, her look was to see,
It was also to discover and to know,
She wanted to touch how God looks like,
When he becomes human.
When divinity and humanity meet together.
When heaven and earth sing the same song.
When love can be visible.

She smiled to him with a smile that,
Nobody on earth had ever known,
A smile that said I am the handmaid of the Lord.
A smile that will start her love to the whole humanity.
In him, through him, with him, she became the Mother.

Her joy was real. His joy as a baby was also real.
He became man for humanity,
And because of him humanity became divine.

He smiled to her. It was his first to her.
Never God had ever smiled in Human body,
In her he smiled to the whole world,
As he recognized in her to the world a mother.

He said in his divine nature, how beautiful she is,
How beautiful I made her, how beautiful she lives.
In her I became a man so to love in human heart.
Nothing is beyond love, everything is possible for love.
When God is love, he is a sacrifice,
And sacrifice is He to redeem what humanity had destroyed.

My smile to her is my new alliance of love,
To make from humanity a world of Love.
Her smiles to me is a prayer to repair,
What humans had done to woman and man.
How beautiful then to become human so as to save.

A new smile to redeem fatherhood and motherhood,
Wives and husbands, sons and daughters,
All crimes against what is human, what is nature,
What was just, true and fair in the Garden of Eden.

Christmas is my smile to the nature that was created,
By my Father and to human at His image.
Christmas is my pledge not to return home,
Before I make everything new,
Yes, very new, as smile of God to the world,
A smile of a mother to her child.



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16 May 2006