Father Labib Kobti

Sunday and Holy Day Reflections

October 20
Mt: 22:15-21
Twenty-ninth Sunday, Year A

Our worship is not complete


It is amazing how the Pharisees want by all means to trap Jesus and condemn him. They will plot with anybody so as to get him. "The Pharisees went off and potted how they might entrap Jesus" Mt. 22:15.

They do have already the answer, they have already told the Roman that this time we will let you find your enemy a person who is trying to create problem for you and incite people against the Roman Empire. They talked already to the High priests and told them, here is the one who is diverting the good people from the true religion to a certain sect that will at the end destroy our faith. just come with us and we will show you how he will show his real teeth of imposture.

They came with a real plan, well studied and well managed. They came with the Herodians and many other groups, as we can read in the Gospel of today. They did not came for an answer but for a trap.

Jesus will understand from the very beginning their plot and will say to them: "Why are you testing me, you hypocrites?" Mt. 22:18

Jesus then will tell them to give what to Caesar to Caesar and what to God to God. They are called to serve earth and make from it the reign of God.

He changed their trap to a new vision and apostolate. He will tell them that not your reading of the Bible, not your interpretations of the word of God, not your preaching or your songs, not even your donations and your prayers ...

He will say to us the same to day, because we are so hypocrites many times: not your masses, not your rosaries, not you contributions, your choirs that can sing the best at churches, not your homilies and your preaching will make from you less hypocrite that anybody on earth ..

He will say all this could be good, you should do it as good persons, what I am calling you to do is that your worship is not complete unless you think differently.

He want better for us, his saved humans. The tax that should be paid to enter his kingdom is to think of others needs and make from it our first apostolate:
Unless we pay the tax to think of the needy children in the world, unless we visit the sick people who have nobody to visit, unless we commit ourselves at the service of others and volunteer for them, unless we stand for justice, peace and truth on the issues of the oppressed countries, unless we think of the refugees, the people with AIDS, defend the unborn and refuse abortion, unless we make from others our family and care to build one mystical body with them: OUR WORSHIP IS NOT COMPLETE.

So give to Caesar what belongs to him and to God what it belongs to. The tax that you should pay for God is not only a worship, but a commitments for God's mission in the world.



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16 May 2006