Father Labib Kobti

Sunday and Holy Day Reflections



1.      Advent and Christmas, 2004

2.      The Lord will give a sign 4th Sunday of Advent, 2004

3.      She smiled and he smiled, Christmas 2004

4.      The Holy Family,  Sunday after Christmas, 2004

5.      The Epiphany of the Lord, 2005

6.      I am the handmaid of the Lord, 2005

7.      A Priest’s mission is the world, 2002

8.      Do you recognize me in others? Mathew 16:13-20, 2002

9.      You have a mission: Love, Matthew 18:15-20, 2002

10.  I will bless those you bless you, Second Sunday of Lent 2005

11.  The Generosity of God, Mt. 20:1-16, Twenty-fifth Sunday, Year A, 2002

12.  The world is your mission, Mt. 21:33-43, Twenty-seven Sunday, Year A, 2002

13.  Our worship is not complete, Mt: 22:15-21, Twenty-ninth Sunday, Year A 2002

14.  Your life of today will open to the eternity of tomorrow, Mathew 25: 14-30, 2002

15.  100 days after 2002

16.  From Fishermen to Fisher of men,  Matthew 4: 18-22 (Tuesady  after the First Sunday of Advent) 2004 



1.      How my up coming Christmas will be? Third Sunday of Advent (B), 2003

2.      Follow Your Star, Epiphany of the Lord, Matthew 2:1-12

3.      Renewal of Our Baptism, Baptism of the Lord, Mark 1:7-11

4.      The Lord is calling you, Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

5.      Believe in the Gospel, Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

6.      Why I do suffer? Fifth Sunday in Ordinary time (B)

7.      The Faith that shows  what God really is, Seventh Sunday of Ordinary time (B)

8.      The fight against the devil  First Sunday of Lent (B)

9.      Commercialization of Religion, Third Sunday of Lent (B)

10.  "He learned to obey through suffering" Hebrew 5:8 , Fifth Sunday of Lent (B)

11.  Easter of Love

12.  He left us his legacy, Fifth Sunday of Easter (B)

13.  He He left us a way to build a paradise on earth, Ascension

14.  The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Pentecost 1

15.  The "Corpus Christi", Feast of Body and Blood of the Lord

16.  A prophet is only despised by his own, Fourteenth Sunday of the year (B)

17.   Leaders should serve their people, Sixteen Sunday in Ordinary time (B)

18.  Manhu, Eighteen Sunday (B)

19.  You are the love of God 20th Sunday (B)

20.  What kind a person a I? Twenty second (B)

21.  Exaltation of the Holy Cross

22.  Who really finishes first? Twenty-Fifth Sunday (B)

23.  Woman is not an object, Twenty-Seventh Sunday (B)

24.  You will receive hundred times of what you gave, Twenty-Eight Sunday  (B)

25.  Do our dead need our prayers?

26. Dedication of the LATERAN Basilica

27. Until Now  Pentecost 2




  1. Advent,Second Sunday of Advent, 2003
  2. He is coming, Fourth Sunday
  3. Epiphany of the Lord, 2004
  4. Our Baptism and the Baptism of Jesus, 2004
  5. The power of Mary, the wedding in Cana, 2004
  6. Jesus is the fulfillment of the Prophets, Third Sunday Ordinary time
  7. When God calls! Fifth Sunday Ordinary time
  8. Easter: What if the body of Christ had been stolen...?  Easter 2007
  9. Who ever needs to save his life! 12 Sunday
  10. What am I called to accomplish during my life time?, 13th Sunday
  11. As we start a new School year, August 2004
  12. The true security 26th Sunday
  13. When will this happen? 33rd Sunday




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14 Apr 2007