Living Mosaics of Madaba

Posted on Jun 7, 2017

Displaced Iraqis and Syrians have a mosaic workshop in Madaba; Jordan

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Father Imad Twal | Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

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Since their arrival to Jordan in August 2014, Iraqi Christians were living in improvised church premises, halls or caravans. The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem has been helping them unconditionally by paying their accommodations and utilities.

Displaced Iraqis lack income, and most of their children missed attending school until the beginning of this scholastic year when benevolent schools secured their education with the assistance of the Vatican funds. The Government of Jordan has granted Iraqi refugees in urban settings access to basic public services such as health and education, but the capacity of the government to assist is limited.

As an initiative to support the Iraqi and Syrian Refugees in Jordan, the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem has launched a new workshop called “The Living Mosaic.” This workshop includes a training course to teach the refugees how to design and craft mosaics in different styles using classic tools, such as hammers and hardies. The workshop takes place in Madaba since it is best known for its Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics and its historical connection to ancient art.

The refugees benefit from this initiative in many ways: first, it creates job opportunities and supplements their income with 10 JOD per day to cover the living expenses. Second, the workshop helps the refugees to spend their free time in learning and developing new skills in the art of mosaics. Third, this will help the refugees to occupy their free time during their stay in Jordan, as well as to prepare them for their future challenges in another country, after their departure from Jordan.

The Latin Patriarchate supports this project by sponsoring all the raw materials that are used in the workshops like mosaic stones, glues, wooden tires, adhesives, frames and painting colors. The first round of the workshop, benefiting seven refugee families, required one month of training. The second round lasted for two months and benefited ten families. Following the designs they receive, and with the colored stones mostly coming from Jordan, the refugees create mosaic pieces on many different wooden supports.

Beginning of June 2017, 21 Iraqi refugees work daily in the workshop. Not only do they continuously improve their technical skills and enjoy this meaningful activity, but they also find a sense of unity and community.

Choose a frame and create your own design

Examples of mosaics created by Iraqi families in the “Living Mosaic Project”

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Video presentation of the ”Living Mosaic Project”

Iraqi families in the “Living Mosaic Project”

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