Day of Solidarity with People of S. Lebanon

March 14 marks the day of solidarity with the people of southern Lebanon. Below is a copy of the letter sent to President Bill Clinton by ADC President Hala Maksoud. Please send letters via fax, regular mail or email <> urging President Clinton to take measures to implement UN Security Council Resolution 425 which calls for an immediate, unilateral and unconditional withdrawal of Israeli forces from occupied southern Lebanon. Forward copies of your letters to ADC at

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Dear President Clinton:

Today marks the day of solidarity with the people of occupied southern Lebanon. On this occasion, we call upon the U.S. government to take measures toward the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 425, which calls for an immediate, unilateral and unconditional Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon.

UN Resolution 425 was drafted and sponsored by the United States over a decade ago. In spite of that, Mr. Martin Indyk, the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, was reported to have endorsed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's position that Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon be postponed indefinitely. This is alarming as it flies in the face of long-standing U.S. policy and essentially constitutes tacit U.S. approval of the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon.

In April of this year, the people of southern Lebanon will be mourning the more than 200 victims of Israel's "Operation Grapes of Wrath" blitz. The indiscriminate Israeli attacks against the civilian population of southern Lebanon included the vicious bombing of a UN camp at Qana, which led to the massacre of more than 100 innocent children, women and men. This was not the first time that Israel applied collective punishment against innocent Lebanese civilians. We cannot in good conscience take at face value Israel's justification of the occupation for "security" reasons in response to resistance activities. The occupation of southern Lebanon is the very raison d'etre for the resistance. Therefore, an end to Israeli occupation is a minimum prerequisite for a genuine and lasting peace in the region.

We await your leadership in this matter.


Hala Maksoud, Ph.D. President

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