October 19th, 1999
Dear Friends:

I wonder Why?

The Israelis have waited for about one year before they declare that they accept to build a Mosque. The Israelis have waited more than a year before they say the tent at the place is illegal. The Israelis have waited more than a year nourishing violence between the same people when they found that the time scenario is ready they started to speak out and prepare the second act a second scenario in a film that should be played where the Israelis will be the heroes and the Palestinians the bad people, BOTH Muslims and Christians.

Everybody knows that the Christian Annunciation Church is not at all a danger to the Muslims of Nazareth.

Everybody knows that the People of Nazareth have been for years the capital of understanding and cooperation between Muslims and Christians even during the very hard times of the Israeli occupation and "independence" in 1947-1948.

Everybody knows that Nazareth people Muslims and Christians have worked together to preserve the Arabic identity of the City and many cities of Palestine.

Everybody knows that more than 12 Mosques have been build in Nazareth and not a single Church since 1948.

Everybody knows that Sahib Edina is not a son of the Great Prophet Mohammed (SAS) or a son of any Caliph or any very important figure in Islam.

Everybody knows that Islam did not build Mosques on place that belong to important figures of Islam here and there in the Arabic world.

This is what every good ARAB KNOWS. The Israelis know also that...with a difference that they want us to ignore these facts and fight as Palestinians on things that have only one purpose to create facts on the ground of Palestine that Muslims cannot live with Christians and so as to live in peace they need the ISRAELIS to give them the right how, when and where to live...

This a shameful thing.

WA ARABAH (O Arabs)...STOP THAT dirty game.

With love,
Fr. Labib Kobti