The Third Biannual Simposium

From our Correspondent Graziano Motta
Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
translated from Italian by Rev. Labib Kobti.

The third biannual "simposium" between the Mononteistic religions (Jews, Christians and Muslims) sponsored by the "Studium Biblicum Franciscanum", the Franciscan Custody of the holy Land, took place between the 17-18 of February at Notre Dame Center, in Jerusalem. The Theme was " Jerusalem house of prayer for all peoples" Isaiah 56:7. At the "simposium a big number of Jewish, Christian and Muslim experts participated.

One of the main things discussed was the "Arab Christian littreture and heritage" centered on Jerusalem. This Arab Christian Patrimony was for a long time forgotten. It is the thrid Christian heritage after the Greek and the Latin ones.