Stop the suffering of Jerusalem

by Fr. Labib Kobti

July 30, 1997

Dear Friends,

We strongly condamn all kinds of violence (the illegal and against international law confiscation of Arab lands by the Israelis as well the terrorist attacks by Palestinians).

We are very saddened by the death of a lot of innocent Israeli people at the crowded Mahane Yehuda outdoor market in downtown Jewish west Jerusalem, July 30th 1997. We pray for the parents of the Victims and offer them our condeance. We do ask all our friends to look at what is happening in the Holy Land as a CALL to STAND for JUSTICE, PEACE and TRUTH. We are called to see what happened as whole reading the past, present and the future, and work for JUSTICE, PEACE and TRUTH.

The Five components of the Holy Land society: The Palestinians and the Israelis, the Jews, Christians and Muslims should have the same rights and duties. "Jerusalem has known nwars and conquests, has been destroyed time and again...Religious motivation has always gone hand in hand with political and cultural aspirations, and has often played a preponderant role. This motivation has often led to exclusivism or at least to the supremacy of one people over the others... the experience of history teaches us that in order for Jerusalem to be a city of peace, no longer lusted after from the outside and thus abone of contention between warring sides, it cannot belong exclusively to one people or to only one religion. JERUSALEM SHOULD BE OPEN TO ALL, SHARED BY ALL..." From the Memorandum of the Patrairchs and head of Christian Communities in Jerusalem, Nov. 14,1994)

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