Somebody is trying to nourish divsions in Nazareth
October 14, 1999

After a Muslim Leader in Nazareth have spoken about bloodshed, and was criticized by a lot of our beloved bloodbrother the Muslim community, telling him that he cannot represent them, we need to stand more tight together to stop any words that can hurt the future of the Palestinian Muslims and Christians as well the Future of the Middle East Muslims and Christians.

We need Peace for NAZARETH. Please, help us, pray with us, stand with us and find out an IMMEDIATE solution. We do not want a bloodshed, we want peace and love.

This article I have wrote two years ago, and I was sure that somebody is preparing a scenario and waiting only for the actors and players to do it and then the film will be worked on the MEDIA. They want to show the world that we are bad people.

Please, help us. We do not want Palestinians to be actors on the stage of some people who will do anything to blame us, to label us, to cll us names and then to shoot us on the face and tell us you are terrorists, people that nobody can live with, you just need a need to be banned...

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The Title was:

Please help to stop the Cold War against Islam
by Fr. Labib Kobti
July, 9th 1997

Just those two last months,

We heard about Muslims in Jerusalem taking a room from the Orthodox Church in the Holy Sepulcher. We heard and/or some of us saw the Anti-Muslim, and ant-Arab film worked by HBO "Path to Paradise. We read on many American and Israeli News papers about Persecutions (Muslim, Christian, Jews or about fundamentalism etc). Mainly they were accusing our Brothers and sisters the MUSLIMS!! A lot of us tried to send Emails and chat about those things...

Then we had that things in Hebron depicting the Founder of Islam, the Virgin Mary with things that we did not like and we all condemned. Then the Koran was desecrated, then the question of the Orthodox Church in Hebron, and in every time the Israelis seem to help and try to intervene to put peace and/or sometimes the P.A are blamed, the Muslim Palestinians are feared etc...etc. AND EVERYBODY as always is speaking about it; SOMEBODY is trying to PREPARE THE PUBLIC OPINION FOR SOMETHING, when the main issue is our RIGHTS is JERUSALEM, our People there are loosing their ID's, their homes and lands and what remains of their FUTURE...

Do you see, with me, that someone intelligently is preparing something?

Please, try to look on your hearts. We Christians and Muslims, we love each other.

We lived for centuries in Harmony everywhere. We build together our national aspirations and countries: Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan etc. Muslims and Christian martyrs offered together their lives for the future of our sons and daughters in our home countries.

Muslim and Christians refuse and refused fundamentalism that was nourished from outside...

Muslims and Christians want to live in peace with Jews, they have already lived in peace with them; Muslim and Jews: in Egypt, Syria, Marocco, Tunisia, Palestine before and after the creation of Israel etc. Christian and Jews: in the West, Asia and the Americas. We are all innocent of what Extremisms and Fundamentalism (religious or as ideology) did in the past against Jews, Christians and Muslims and is trying to do today.

Please let us stop that SOMEONE for that SOMETHING that he is intelligently preparing. We cannot accept to build that NEW COLD WAR AGAINST ISLAM. They are our BROTHERS AND SISTERS. We cannot condemn the mass for some fanatic individuals. We should be fair in condemning at the same time and the same way the JEWISH, CHRISTIAN fundamentalism and name them the way were are labeling sometimes the Muslim fundamentalists: Terrorism. Some Jewish and Christian fundamentalism acting as terrorists as well. Just look around you and read facts on the ground you will find it not only in the Holy Land but also in the USA and Europe.

We should stand with the TRUTH.

Please stop feeding the Public Opinion with things that speak to that SOMEONE who is trying to build in us hatred and violence, and build in stead love, cooperation and sharing. The Moderate Head of Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities in the Holy Land (They are the Majority there) are trying to build bridges. The Catholic, the Orthodox, some Protestant and some Christian Communities are trying build trust.

Please, STAND against that COLD WAR against our Brothers and Sisters the MUSLIMS. Stand with the TRUTH.

Fr. Labib Kobti