Are Arabs the real Ennemies of the Jews ?

By Rev. John J. Sansour

Those who were born in the arab countries around 1948 have been raised in hatred for the Jews. If somedbody was unfriendly, greedy, harsh... they used to call him "Jew". And if somebody in contradiction with his nature behaved nicely or has been generous once in his life, they used to exclaim : Oh! what happened ? Surely a Jew died!

I was not an exception.The Jew in my memory was the synonym of bad guy. In 1967 after the Six Day War the West Bank became under Israeli Control. Jews, friends of my family started to come to our house. I was in the same time revolted and astonished to see the so-said ennemies come to visit us showing a real friendship reciprocated by my father and mother.

One day I made bold and asked my father: "how can you be so friendly with Jews"? He answered me: before troubles started in Palestine we were all Arabs. The only difference was that I was a Christian Arab and he was a Jewish Arab while the neighbour next door was a Moslem Arab. It was normal to have friends not only among Cristians but also among Moslems and Jews. We were all Arabs . The best doctor who used to attend you when child you were ill was a Jewish doctor."

What Happened ?

Something terrible happened. The Jews who came from Europe and America convinced the Arab Jews that they were not Arabs. They were only Jews. The Religion became Nation. If one day a Jew becomes Christian, he is no more a member of this Nation, but if a Russian, an Ethiopian, a Peruvian becomes Jew he is immediately member of the Nation. He has right to expell the Arabs and take their land, their house... etc..

One day while I was visiting a sick member of my community in Hadassah Hospital, an Israele patient called me : come Abouna ( Father) to talk to me in Arabic. I am from Iraq . I was so happy in Iraq. Here in Israel they washed my brain in such a way that I became ashamed to say that I am an Arab. But I cannot help it. I am an Arab.

There is something wrong!!

The Jews who have been persecuted in Europe because semites refuse to be semites in the land of their Fathers. They do not want any more to belong to Abraham the perishing Aramian; their cousins the Arabs are the sons of that beduin Abraham, they are ( as one jew told me one day) the Sons of Jascob !. They are the Israel of God, the Chosen people ... How it is sad , they disowned themselves.

The Arabs are also semites.

Once I was in Paris. Bombs were exploding here and there. Algerians were the main suspects. I was taking my breakfast in a big refectory when suddenly these words filled my ears: After all, Arabs are also Semites.

Where our Cousins the Jews are going ?

A nation based on religion builds up its constitution on the Sacred Book of this religion. Everybody knows that the Constitution of the Saudi Arabia is the Sharia, the Constitution of Iran is the Sharia... The Algerians are killing each other because some of the Sharia ... Very soon our cousins the Jews will have their own Sharia : the Jewish Sharia. Moses' Law : eye for eye, tooth for tooth.... a whole list of death penalty .... scourging...stoning.....

Where are we all going?

The Jewish Nation is now facing the Moslem Nation created by Hamas, Hisbullah... Al-Jihad.... Mahomet is now facing Moses. Allah fights against Yahweh.

Who are the real ennemies of the Jews ?

The real ennemies of the Jews are themselves and those who help them to be a Religious Jewish Nation.

Personal Conclusion

Let us go back to the beginning of this century where all the inhabitants of the area were Arabs: Jewish Arabs, Moslem Arabs and Christians Arabs. And if our cousins from Europe insist in refusing to be Arabs let us be Jewish Israelis, Christian Israelis, Moslem Israelis within Israel and Moslem Palestinians, Christian Palestinians and Jewish Palestinians within Palestine until we discover our common roots.

Fr. John J. Sansour

Zevei made these interesting comments on Fr. Sansour article

Interesting comments: By Zevei

Have you seen the reports on the group of Morroccan Jews who wish to leave Israel and return to Morrocco, because of the shabby treatment they are receiving in Israel?

The ethnic distinctions made in this report ring true. The problem with Zionism has always been that it believed the virulent European racist anti-semitism of the 19th century which posited that the Jews of Europe were a separate "race" (entirely untrue as intermarriage has always occurred everywhere, it's a very human thing to do, and is driven by genetic forces), who were unassimilable in European society. They bought this racist argument hook, line and sinker, as Herzl started looking for "a land without people for a people without a land".

That Jews have successfully assimilated into mainstream societies, especially in North America and Western Europe, belies this premise. Anthropologists have concluded long ago that Jews ARE NOT a racial group, and it is up for debate whether as the Zionists would have us believe, Jews are "ein volk", i.e, one people. Certainly, the reading out of the Jewish community by other segments of the Jewish community, as to their "jewishness", recently, defeats this argument. It would not be the first time the Jews underwent a major schism. Zionists naturally are still trying, as in the perfume commercial , " to live the fantasy".

Yet it hasn't REALLY worked. The massive and almost strident call to have three milllion eligible North American Jews register to vote in the World Zionist Organization elections, received just over 100,000 responses; hardly a mandate from the North American Jewish community to desire to participate in the Zionist enterprise. The number is decidedly small if one realizes the major effort that went into this campaign to get North American Jews to vote in this. Now most Jews here, are completely unaware of the connection between the UJA and the UIA which is controlled by the WZO/JA which in turn has a legal and covenental relationship to the Israeli government. I would venture that if they were aware, the number might even be less.

The massive effort to have a celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the First Zionist Congress at Basle, Switzerland, was a failure.

To me this indicates that the self-appointed leadership of the American Jewish Community is out of touch with it's "constituency". People are voting with their feet.

One small additional comment on the article. Orthodox Jews hold that if one was born a Jew, one is always a Jew, even if one changes ones religion. Therefore although Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright is an Episcopalian in practice, many Jews consider her Jewish, even though she herself does not, although she acknowledges her Jewish roots. She was raised a Catholic and then switched to Protestantism, rejecting her "Jewish" option, yet she is frequently spoken of as the Jewish Secretary of State. I recall similar circumstances, when Caspar Weinberger, former Secretary of Defense, who also has Jewish roots but was also Protestant by religiion, was called "a traitor to his people" when he caused Jonathan Pollard, who broke his vows of loyalty to the United States and spied for Israel, to be thrown in jail.

This premise of course was once challenged in Israel itself, by a former Jew who had become a Catholic priest who wanted to make aliyah to Israel ( receive instant citizenship). The High Court in Israel ruled he was no longer Jewish. The implication of this ruling was that Judaism is fundamentally a religion, and that being a Jew is not racial as Zionists and anti-semites would have people believe.

You have my permission to post this Labib.

Best wishes Zevei

Date: 12/11/2001 8:56:42
(By respct to privacy I took out  the name and the address of the person who wrote the message)
Dear Fr. Sansour,
I hope my email finds you in good health. I mailed you once about a year ago, but i guess you did not recieve it.
I have wanted to understand more what you meant by "The real ennemies of the Jews are themselves and those who help them to be
a Religious Jewish Nation". Could you explain a little more or refer me to an article that speaks more about this?

Any help you can give will be appreciated.

The Ansewr
Dear Dimanyisha,
I am a parish priest and have not time to write articles; I did not answer you because it needs a lot of time to give you an asequate answer. I'll try howeer in few words to explain you what is happening in Palestine.
The Arabs are conquerors and admit that others be conquerors like them. The Turcs conquered the whole Arab world for seven centuries, they did not expell the population. The Europeans conquered the Arab world for years, they did not expell the population. The Jews conquered Palestine in 48 and  expelled its inhabitants.They occupied the West Bank after the six day war and they are expelling slowly slowly its inhabitants and planting jewish settlements instead .
The Intellectual Palestinians for years and years asked the Israelis to annex the whole West Bank to Israel and end the Occupation, so as to create one state for Jews and Arabs what the Palestinian national movement called a “secular democratic state in Palestine”.  They refused. They do not want Arabs ( Christian or Moslem Palestinians) with them. They want a pure Jewish State such as the Saoudi Arabia is Moslem.  They prefer to create a Palestinian State  rather than to have Palestinians in their own state.They talk in the name of Johowah. Jehowah  gave them this land and only to them. That is waht they beleive.
The other inhabitants (Palestinina Christians and Moslems as well a great number of secular Jews) of Israel and Palestine refuse this logic. Moslems started then talking in the name of their Allah that Palestine is theirs also and the Christian Palestinians talked in the name of Jesus that Palestine is also theirs.
 Hamas and  Jihad was created as an answer to these Israeli claims .... The Christian Palestinians joined the Moslems in their fight to prevent  the Jews to transform their State in a  Religious Jewish State expelling any who is not Jewish.
Those who encouraged the Jews to establish a Pure Jewish State are leading them to an eternal conflict with Christians and Moslems. One day Jewish Talibans will rule Israel.
Good friends of Jews will advice them to separate religion from the state and create a free society where everybody can have his own religion in his own temple or home; the street remainign for everybody.
 The world must not remian blind, the Jewish Fanatism in Israel, created the Moselm one . The Jewish terrorism in Israel created the Moslem terrorism everywhere. The best way of fighting terrorism is to oblige all the nations including Israel to separate Religion from  State. Those who refuse must be expelled from the United Nations. This is the way I see things.
Happy Christmas
Fr. John