Please, read my reflection  and comments after reading the news.


Fr. Labib Kobti



JERUSALEM ( - Israel's government on Tuesday
defended its plans to build a mosque in Nazareth next to
the Church of the Annunciation, despite objections from

Israeli Public Security Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami said the
government's goal is to formulate a compromise that will be
palatable to both Christians and Muslims. On Monday,
Archbishop Pietro Sambi, apostolic nuncio to Israel,
criticized the plan to build the mosque in a square
adjoining the church and said it should be built elsewhere.

Christians and Muslims have argued and frequently fought
over a Muslim plan to build the mosque in a plaza
Christians say is needed to accommodate thousands of
pilgrims expected to visit during the Jubilee Year. "We are
still trying to integrate the remarks, the reflections of
the two parties. We will be very, very careful not to
infringe upon the natural rights of each," Shlomo said.
"There will be a total separation between the site of the
church and the adjacent square from the mosque, which we do
not yet see as being erected so soon anyway."

Muslims have had a tent on the site on the disputed land
for months, claiming that the property belongs to the local
Waqf, or Islamic religious trust. Ben-Ami said the
government's solution was designed to satisfy both parties.
"Our solution is based on the continuous existence of a very
large square that will allow free access to that central
element in the religious life in Nazareth, which is the
church," Ben-Ami said.


Dear friends,

I doubt personally the good intentions of the Israeli Public Security Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami and the actual Israeli government.

I prefer that they first:

1- Make a clear written STATEMENT that they will not permit to any Jewish group to come and make any settlement at the Masget Al Aksa and the Dome of the Rock and that these HOLY PLACES will be preserved and respected FOR EVER by the Israeli governments.  They are making a lot of changes under and around Haram El Sharif, they are making a lot of declarations that can be interpreted as a promise for a building of a Jewish Temple. Some Jewish groups have even displayed a Jerusalem without Harm El Sharif with a Jewish Temple. At Disney they did not even mention these Muslim religious places and they have never shown any clear intention on the future of our Holy Places, Christians or Muslims.

2- Restore to our belovedblood brothers the Muslims the Safed Mosque that the Israelis have changed into a Gallery. And restore all the Mosques and Churches that they have destroyed in more that 400 villages of the 1948 and 1967.

3- Open Jerusalem without any restriction as at the time of Jordan to our beloved Muslim bloodbrothers and sisters to go and pray at Harm El Sherif in Jerusalem at any day and any time they want, and open Jerusalem for both Muslims and Christians worshippers who want to pray at their very Holy Places in Jerusalem.

4- Give the RIGHT OF RETURN to all Palestinians so as to come back to their home country, the country of their fathers and their Prophets without restrictions and without selective lists. Jews of Russia, USA, Poland, Ethiopia....have not more rights than the Palestinians.

5- Apologize for the lies that came from the office of the P.M. Netanyahoo about persecution of Christians by the Muslim Palestinians and the P.A that made head news on 1997 and 1998.

6- Stop the provocation of the settlers against Palestinian Muslims and Christians and bring them to trial.

7- Stop the provocation of the Christian-Zionists against the Palestinian Muslims and Christians and their conversion proprams and plans.

8- Stop their support to the mainly Christian south Lebanon Army (SLA) against their own people of South Lebanon mainly Muslims.

9- Apologize for their claims that in 1982 that they where invading Lebanon so as to defend that Christians of Lebanon, a lie that was one of the reasons that nourished war between the Muslims and the Christians in Lebanon.

THEN I CAN BELIEVE THE GOOD INTENTIONS of Minister Ben-Ami and others.

Israel do not do anything for our bleu eyes, Israel has its plans and strategy for a future that sometimes we do not want to think about.
We do not need to fell onto the traps of some declarations and promisees that at the end will cost us, Palestinians, as it happened in the past our lives, our identity, our holy Places, our harmony and our future.

Besides I fear that Israel wants to put a fuel to create more problem between Christians and the Muslims. At the same time Israel is putting restrictions on the Islamic Movements in Israel, pushing Arafat and Jordan to do the same, when at the same time trying to pressure the Vatican on the visit of the Pope to Iraq and on the issue of Pope Pius XII and assaulting the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem proprieties.

Can anybody tell me if I am exaggerating or I do not see clear?
Can anybody tell me what is really the intentions of Israel and it strategy now with these facts that are emerging on the head lines at the same time?

With love and respect,

Fr. Labib Kobti