Subj:   Meeting with the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem
Date: 9/6/00 6:00:08 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Yehuda Stolov)

Today, Wednesday 6 September 2000, a delegation of the secretariat of the
Israel Interfaith Association met with the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem,
His Beatitude Monsignor Michel Sabbah. We presented to the Patriarch the
Israel Interfaith Association and its philosophy and activities. The
Patriarch stressed the religious necessity for interfaith dialogue, as the
endeavor to meet G-d includes meeting with all his children. The Patriarch
also emphasized that the need is for an open dialogue that does not blur
the identity of its participants and does not hide the differences between
them - "Without my identity I do not exist and if I do not exist I am
useless for the dialogue".  In addition, the aim of the interfaith
dialogue is to understanding the other as he understands himself and not
as I think he should be, and in that way promote love in the world, which
is the main task of the church. Finally the Patriarch pointed out the need
for the dialogue to bring into consideration the physical reality in which
it takes place.
As a conclusion of the meeting, the Patriarch agreed to join the growing
Honorary Presidency of the Israel Interfaith Association.