Fr. Lewis Hazboun, Zababdeh insulted by the Israelis

Date: 97-06-09

From: (RANIA BARAMKI) Sender: To: 09:15:00 EDT insulted.htm insulted.htm


The Roman Catholic Patriarchate in Jerusalem condemned the construction and paving works conducted by Israeli authorities for the last ten days in lands owned by the Patriarchate in Al-Maleh Valley near Toubas town in Jenin district. The Patriarchate sent an official letter of protest to the Israeli Ministry of Religious Affairs and Israeli Army joint staff Command. Father Lewis Hazboun, head of the parish in Zababdeh, said the Israeli construction works in that area caused a lot of damage to the agricultural lands. He added that he was treated in an insulting way by Israeli soldiers when he went to see the lands owned by the Patriarchate.(Al-Ayyam)