Christ is risen, Halleujah. He is risen indeed, Hallelujah

1. Our message on the feast of the Resurrection of the Lord, is the message of the one who defeated death, Our Lord and God Jesus Christ, one God with the Father and the Holy Spirit. The Word of God became man. As a man he died on the cross and as God he defeated death and has resurrected in glory. All this happened for our redemption and for the expiation of our sins, to liberate us from all the forces of evil and death, so that we may have life eternal within us.

2. Many evils are surrounding us. The main one is the absence of peace. It is absent in the hearts and intentions, or it is susbstituted by egoistic views which exclude the other and do not take him into consideration. The peace process is stumbling. Talks should now be replaced by clear actions which give back freedom and dignity to every Palestinian and security to every Israeli. Only actions will constitute a solid base for peace, in the land as much as in the hearts. Then reconciliation and forgiveness can become possible; then love and resurrection will become part of our life.

3. The message of the glorious resurrection of Christ is a message of joy, hope and peace. We bring this message to all our faithful in all our dioceses in Jordan, Cyprus, Israel and Palestine, and to all believers in the world. We believe that peace is possible and can be reached: it is a grace of God to humankind, and God is higher and stronger; His peace will reign upon us; we will repent and revert to God our Creator, and reconcile with Him and with all our brothers and sisters. To you all, brothers and sisters, I ask the Risen Lord to fill your hearts with hope and joy based on justice, forgiveness and love. Christ is risen, Halleujah. He is risen indeed, Halleujah.