Have the Church  forgotten the teaching of Jesus
November 29, 1999

A question: I have not forgotten the teachings of Jesus.  I am
 certain that, had He been in Nazareth when the issue arose, He'd have
 insisted to the clergy at the Basilica that the Muslims who wanted to build
 a mosque next door should be warmly and sincerely welcomed by the Catholics.

 Isn't that the "Christian way?"

You are right if we look at it on your perspective.

The Catholic Church have accepted and a cardinal representing the Pope was present at the first stone for not a mosque only but an Islamic Cultural Center at the Catholic Capital Rome.

The issue is not a mosque, the issue is that the Israelis have used this mosque to create divisions. And I beleive the Vatican was right.

The only thing that the Church have asked, by respect to the very Holy Place of the Annunciation, is to build the mosque, that should be a place of worship for use because of a need of space to pray and not as a monument, they asked the Islamists to build is elsewhere. In Nazareth there is more than ten mosques, some people have said 40 but I think that they exaggerate.

Muslims from Nazareth and surrounding, from all over Israel, from the West Bank, the PA, Jordan and even Saudi Arabia sided with the Christians, only Israel have sided with the Islamists, you cannot find one Arab Country who sided with the Islamists.

We cannot create a precedent and permit it. In the future anybody will say we have maqam (a memorial place of one of our saints or heroes here or there) and build a place of worship.

Israel will say using the same logic (God forbid)  for the Temple Mount in Jerusalem between Al Aqsa and the Mosque of the Rock, and say we need to build something for the Jews there. They have done this in Hebron and since then Hebron is divided and blood is shed there every time between the settlers and our People.

Fanatic Christians also may use the same logic and say we have also rights everywhere in the Holy Land, Jesus have lived 30 years in Nazareth, every single stone in Nazareth is sacred for the fanatic Christians, the disciples have lived there, their families, their cousins (as they speak about the cousin of Salah Eddine...).

 The Israelis have played with the religious nerve to nourish divisions in Nazareth the Capital of the Palestinians of 1948.

Israel do not want a united Israeli-Palestinians, they have showed a certain unity when they presented someone from Nazareth as candidate to PM. From Nazareth and their Knesset members came the idea to send a delegation to visit some Arabic Countries that sided with the rights of the Palestinians and angered Israel ... destroying the harmony in a city that is the future of the Palestinians of 1948 is the dream of the Israelis and they got to them and divided them.

The stand of the Church was not against the mosque...this is misinformation...it is against a clear will to divide the Christians and the Muslims as we can read on the statement of the Vatican on November 22.

The future will prove to all of us that the church was right and it needed only one effort from the Islamits to unite Nazareth and stop a future Israeli claims on many places here and there in the Holy Land and specially in Jerusalem and call on settlers to build tents and tents here and there and claim that they have right to build "maqams", place of prayers for them under the same logic...why not having the two religions together at the same place...and then bloodshed in the future as again in Hebron.

IN FACT,  if the Church have accepted, the Church in the future will be blamed for having created and supported a precendent, (I mean a fact) that will, under the same logic give to the settlers a fuel to do all what they want on every single inch in the Holy Land...

AFTER NAZARETH,  I fear that the settlers who read like us the news are prepared  now to take over a lot of places, (God forbid). under the same logic...and then what we have done... we destroyed our country with our own hands and we are to be blamed at the end!!!

Besides, the Israelis are afraid of the Visit of the Pope to the Holy Land. He will tell them all the TRUTH that the Vatican have always supported and Israel have refused and criticized...so why not create a problem to the catholic Church and let them feel that they are wrong,

Candidly, I am fascinated and quite impressed with the Israeli in particular,
but Jewish community at large, ability to manipulate press coverage. They are
very, very skilled at this. Makes Vatican look like a reactionary bunch of
ill-informed Church beauracrats.

Please, read all the articles on this issue on Al-Bushra Al-Bushra  under "Nazareth! What is going on" and you will see what I see.

Am I exagerating/ Do I see the thing differently?

Can anybody also help us to see?

Fr. Labib Kobti