The Decision of the Ministerial Team for the "Conflict's Plaza" in Nazareth
October 1999

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The Prime Minister asked the Ministerial Team, which includes Minister for Internal Security, Shlomo Ben-Ami (Chairman); Minister of Interior, Natan Shiransky; Minister for Jerusalem Affairs, Hayim Ramon; Minister of Science, Culture and Sports, Matan Vilnai and Minister of Tourism, Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, to have a decision relating the Conflict's Plaza in Nazareth.

Below, is the Team's decision:
1. To allow the construction of a mosque on an area up to 700 sq. m. to include the site of Shihab-el-Din and the shops. For this purpose, the Directorate for the Lands of Israel will give into long-term-rental a land of 450 sq. m. to be joined to the Waqf area.

For that, there will be taken all requested actions by law.

2. There will be a service station for tourists in the City?s plaza, in which there will be a Tourist Police station. The station will not be placed near the mosque.
3. The rest of the plaza?s area will be dedicated by long-term-rental to the Municipality of Nazareth, to develop a public plaza and a service station for tourists.
4. There will be built a separation between the mosque and the public plaza.
5. An international professional team, headed by the planner of the Northern District of the Ministry of Interior, will be appointed to prepare planning options for the mosque's building in a comprehensive view, while taking into consideration the entire
 needs of the City.
6. The City council* will recommend the preferred option to the institutes of planning and building, and the planning procedures will be as quicker as possible, and will be according to the existing laws.
7. The Team?s recommendation mentioned in article 5 will be known to the public in Nazareth.
8. The ceremony for putting the corner-stone of the mosque will happen on 8/11/99 with the presence of some Ministers, notables and public figures. Before putting the corner-stone, the protest-tent must be removed. The plaza will be empty also from all i
tems and constructions which were put on it.

Minister for Internal Security   Minister of Interior    Minister for Jerusalem Affairs
        Shlomo Ben-Ami               Natan Shiransky                   Hayim Ramon
        Team?s Chairman

           Minister of Science, Culture and Sports        Minister of Toirism
                             Matan Vilnai                                Amnon Lipkin-Shahak