State of Israel
Ministry of Interior
Director of the Northern District
Nazareth Ilit

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October 14, 1999

Mr. Salman Abu Ahmad
Head of the Nazarene United List


a. The decision of the Ministerial Committee determined that the Directorate* will grant 700 Sq. m. for the construction of a mosque in the City's plaza.
    In order to remove all doubts, it is possible to reach 100% [of construction] in each floor. It means that the mosque?s area will be 700 sq. m. in each floor.

b. Areas for Islamic institutions
The Ministerial Committee, according to a recommendation of the Minister of Interior, ordered the Planning Committee of the Northern District to act together with the Directorate for Lands of Israel to find lands of 10 dunams to build on them Islamic ins


Alex Shemul                                                           Yigal Shahar
District's Planner                                                     Director of the Northern District
Chairman of the Mosque's Planning Committee

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Members of the Ministerial Committee