The Decision of the Ministerial Committee on the Nazareth issue
October, 1999
Translation to Document  from Hebrew

1) The Government works to create a tourist-public plaza, to serve all City residents as well as the visitors, in a framework decided by the various governmental authorities.
2) In order to fulfill the Government?s plan, the Government shall act for immediate and full evacuation to the illegal tent, and the immediate evacuation of all who maintain it.
3) In order to put an end to the tension and to help solve the internal disputes in the city of Nazareth, the Government is ready to allow the construction of a mosque.
4) The Government is ready to allow the buying of the shops near the plaza and to be used for the construction of the mentioned mosque.
5) The mentioned mosque will be built on an area to include the shrine of Shihab-el-Din (135 Sq. m.), the area of the four shops (119 Sq. m.), in addition to 250 Sq. m. to be granted from the planned public plaza (the total of 504 Sq. m.)
6) The Government will find available land for the building of a cultural center and/or an additional large mosque in Nazareth.
7) The mentioned mosque will be built according to and after a permission to the plans by the concerned authorities.
8) There will be a physical separation between the mosque's compound and the public plaza.