We do not want bloodshed

In a message dated 10/13/99 12:37:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time, issa@infopal.org writes:

 Anything is better than the spectacle of a bloody fighting between
 Christians and Muslims in Nazareth, which is likely to spread to
 other places. If the fighting does takes place, no amount of PR or
 magic can restore our credibility.

This exactly what Israel wants, as INA have said. The war will be ISRAEL and the MUSLIMS at the end, they want toi show the world the Muslims are intolerants, they want to show the world that a war against Islam is a must, they have started it as a cold war some years ago after they stoped their clod war against the Communists. They have produced films that show that...everything is prepared now to prove that what they have worked for for years is REALITY and we are playing their game.

I call on the Muslims and Christians of Palestine to invest on brotherhood and sharing. This is more important than a Mosque or a Church, the real one are in our hearts not on the ground of this or that place.

Please, do not speak about bloodshed. The Arab blood is very precious. We need love, cooperation and sharing. It is ashamed that somebody of our Palestinian Muslims is speaking about killing.

It will not serve at all, more than 16 years of killing in Lebanon did not serve but Israel...so why more killing, so why more hatred, so why more provocations...

I prefer that he speaks as a man of God about love, sharing, standing with the Palestinian people than playing the game of the Israelis...

WE CALL ON YOU TO CHANGE YOUR HEARTS AND SEE WHAT ALLAH WANTS FROM US. Allah, God calls for love and peace and not for war.


I call on the Muslim-Americans and on the Arab-American to speak out and call for peace and only PEACE.

With Love,

Fr. Labib Kobti