Arabs and Arabism / Muslims and Christians

When the Prophet Muhammed was asked about Arabism, he said "Innama al
Arabiyatu al-lisan," meaning "an Arab is one that speaks Arabic."

Most Arabs are Muslims, but most Muslims are not Arabs.

Many Arabs are Christian, and most of them subscribe and ascribe to the
"Arab civilization" in which Islam occupies a central part.

Islam is not the only source of the Arab-Islamic civilization, but it is
undoubtedly its most important source.

Christians played an undeniable role in the formulation and flourishing of
the Arab-Islamic civilization.

It is NOT true that Arabism can encompass Islam, because Islam is
universal, while Arabism is, to a large extent, particularist.

The way to reconcile Arabism and Islam is through the adoption of
democracy and civil society in which all people are treated equally
irrespective of their religion.

Secularism is not an Arab or Islamic concept; it is a Western concept, and
imposing it on Arabs and Muslims would be unacceptable.

If a majority of Arabs wish to be ruled by Shaira', this is their right,
provided they don't infringe on the human rights and civil liberties of
non-Muslim Arabs.

Christian Arabs should join their Muslim Arab brothers in fighting
despotims, dictatorhsip, autocracy and authoritarianism, and shouldn't
support existing regimes on the ground that the regimes are the main
guarantee agaisnt the prospects of Islamists assuming power.

Christian leaders and Islamist leaders should try to understand each other
better. Unfortunately, there is much misunderstanding between the two sides.

Khalid Amayreh