As representative of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Jerusalem (TheLatin Patriarchate of Jerusalem). I want to propose to all our friendsthe need to save the Holy Land. There is a real policy to empty the Holy Land from its own People the PalestiniansMuslims and Christians. You can see this on the Vatican server:Open Vatican, then information, then Palestine or Holy Land, go to St.Yves, the Catholic Human Right Center of Jerusalem, or read the Messagesent by the Commission for Justice and Peace to the bishops of the Churchworld wide..

In fact the Israeli government is trying by its policy of closure and hardline against Palestinians, Christians and Muslims to force them to leave or to sell their lands. They also confiscated a lot of PALESTINIAN Lands despite of international calls to stop that policy.They give false reports to the world that they stoped confiscation of lands and the building of settlements; but it is not true, as say the Patriarchs, bishops and Head of Christian Churches in Jerusalem our real resource of information about the situation in the Holy Land.You have heard about that for sure.

If you need any accurate and recent information, please, feel free to ask Al-Bushra or write directly to the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem or to the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land.

We have asked the USA to take a stand to stop the confiscation of Palestinian Arab lands, and to use a proposed solution over the settlements, an aerial surveillance over Israel. The USA did not take such a step despiteof what the Israelis is doing on the ground in Palestine and Syria.

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem with the Franciscan of the Custody of the Holy Land, with other Churches and Communities of the Holy land and other organizations are trying to raise money so as to buy lands and build houses for Palestinians, they did this for years. The Knights of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem with their office in Rome helped to build
schools, hospitals, they are really very loved and appreciated by the Arab Palestinian people and the Arabs as whole in the Middle East, as well the CRS and differnt other organzations and Associations.

The Great Jubilee (A.D.2000) initiated by the Holy Father John Paul II should become a Jubilee in which we discover" our Christian life after 2000 years". The Jubilee started on thefirst Sunday of Advent 1996. For the Christians of the Holy Land the Great Jubilee is the Celebration of 2000 years of their permanent and continuous presence as Arab-Chrisrtians in the Holy Land

This Jubilee should call us to rescue the Holy Land. We need to help Christians who survived for 2000 years in the Land of Jesus to stay in the Holy Land as our ancestors in the Faith, heirs of both the Old and New Testament, descendants of the first Fathers and Christians of the First Church, the Mother of all churches JERUSALEM.

The Israeli government made its plans and mind: settlements, confiscation of lands, closure of the Holy City, confiscation of IDs, demolition of Palestinian Houses, Judaization of Jerusalemetc: this is what the statement of JUSTICE AND PEACE commission and other organisationsdocuments say. The statement of Justice and Peace commission was sent to all the Bishops WORLD WIDE: THE HOLY LAND IN DANGER


 Exclusivity will nourish only violence and war!

Christians have a great responsability in front of facts of injustice and human rights.

Recent reports speak more eloquently than words and declarationson the Media: Forty Million Raised for Land Purchases (SNS News Service - Shomron-Israel) Jews living outside of Israel have raise $40 million past three months to buy up land from Arabs in the Hebron, Golan Heights, Negev and Jerusalem areas and this continuos every month.

According to Yediot Achronot newspaper, hundreds of properties have already been purchased from Arab owners in HeBron and East Jerusalem. The parties involved in the large deals are being very scrupulous to ensure the changeof ownership meets every requirement of the law. The land purchases are being done with discretion to avoid involvement of political figures. Sources close to Deputy Hosing Minister (UTJ Party) Rabbi Meir Porush have stated the Deputy Minister is aware of the transactions and has given the green light. (Yediot Achronot Newspaper..12/3/96..Pages 6,7).


You to help in building Justice and Peace in the Holy Land. Justice and Peace is in need for the five components of the Holy Land society: Two People Arabs and Israelis, three religions :Jews, Christians and Muslims. To Judaize the Holy Land and especiallyJERUSALEM is a crime against Humanity.

You to help us to conserve the Christian presence in the Holy Land is a must. The Holy Fathers ( Pope
Paul VI and John Paul II) spoke, in several occasions about that need.We need absolutely and URGENTLY YOUR SUPPORT:

a- We need to fund raise money to help Arab Christians to stay in theHoly Land and to live in peace with Jews and Muslims, their blood brothers and sisters.

b- Speak out to your representatives and government about the need of Justice and Peace in the Holy Land and write to them "Since two thousandyears, said Patriarch MICHEL SABBAH, Roman CatholicArchbishop and Patriarch of Jerusalem, Jerusalem was a sources ofcontinuous wars, because it was always governed by one political authoritycorresponding to one religion, Christian, Muslim and today Jewish...No one should remain outside Jerusalem. All five components, Israelis and Palestinians, Jews, Christians and Muslims,all of them should feel themselves in Jerusalem equally at home, equallysharing the same rights and duties. Because, if Jerusalem continuesto be governed by only one political authority, this means that the one whoremains outside will nourish in his soul and heart the desire to come backand enter Jerusalem again by war and violence, as it happened untilnow through the long history of the Holy land".

Help Jerusalem, the CITY of Peace to find PEACE. ONLY JUSTICE TO ALL its five components gives peace.

c- SEND URGENTLY your contributions directly to the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem ( Patriarcatus Latinus of Jerusalem.P.O.Box 14152, Jerusalem, Old City) or through Al-Bushra website Email to Fr. Labib Kobti

Do not forget to pray for JUSTICE AND PEACE IN the HOLY LAND. Goto your Synagogue, Church or Mosque and raise your eyes to God, Allah,Yaweh Adonai, our ONE GOD, ONE for all of the five components thatconstitute the Middle East and the Holy Land, a say a prayer for Justiceand peace in the Middle East and in the Holy Land.

Yours Rev. Labib Kobti

Email: Fr. Labib Kobti