Why the Palestinian Muslims and Christians do not want a Mosque?
Or Why not a Mosque in Nazareth close of the Famous Annunciation Church?
February 16th, 2002

A friend of mine asked me the above questions:
The Catholic Church and the Nazareth Mosque

Please read
first trhe News
then the Answer

The News says:
A "deep rift" could develop between the Jewish people and the Christian world if the government of Israel did not retract its
decision to permit construction of a mosque opposite the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth, representatives of the Vatican warned this week.

Dear Friend::

Perhaps in reading all the story of the Nazareth Mosque at: http://www.al-bushra.org/latpatra/actuality.htm
(look for Nazareth what is going on)

You may understand that:
1) This is a trap to our beloved Muslim Palestinians that if we Israel let you get a Mosque in a holy place for Christians we will get a holy place for the Jews at the Temple mount beside the Al-Aqsa Mosque. It is not a permission to give to build a mosque but it is a will to create a precedent for something else...

2) Muslims really do not want the mosque, but the Israelis wanted it and gave $100.000 to a fanatic group working with the Israelis to have a mosque. In fact Saudi Arabia, Jordan the PA  do not want the Mosque

3) The Arab Christians are needed to speak out and say: WE DO NOT WANT IT, the Vatican is behind it. (WE DO NOT WANT IT means the Israelis has nothing to do with us as Palestinians, as Christians and Muslims, as people who have been living in peace together for centuries, do not divide us ..) They are asked as Arab Christians to be the obstacle to that mosque, because if the Christians will accept then the Jews will start an international PR to speak about the goodness of the Christians to let the Muslims have the Mosque and the EVIL of the Muslims who refuse to give to the Jews a place on the Temple Mount. If the Palestinian Christians will accept they will then betray the Palestinian Muslims and destroy their image and let the Industrialized Countries (who are mostly Christians: USA, Canada, Europe ...), who did not do anything to give the Palestinians their rights and support Israel to support the claim of the Israelis to have the Temple Mount.

4) Be sure that Moderate Muslims and Christians are working together so as not to let the Jews do this in our Country and get the Temple Mount as they have done in Hebron.

5) In fact Christians accepted to have not a mosque but a Muslim Center and DAWA CENTER to Muslims in Rome where the is the Catholic CAPITAL the Vatican.

6) So, please look at things with a wide eye: Israelis do not give anything for nothing, they have their plans and the Palestinians, Muslims and Christians are working hand in hand to stop this.

7) The Mosque is not an urgent matter, why the Israeli want to make it an URGENT matter? Let us build mosques far for the place for the moment, this is what Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, PA and the Moderate Palestinian Muslims and Christians say. And why not in some years when things will change and we will be having an independent State and when all East Jerusalem will return to us, and their is not Jewish danger any more to take our Holy Places, we will think not of one mosque but of much more and religion will bring us together to work hand in hand for the best of our ONE PALESTINIAN STATE away from the lies of the Israelis.

I hope that I responded to you.

With love and respect,
Father Labib Kobti
San Francisco

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