JVP reports: Shakira will not be performing in Israel anytime soon

Posted on May 29, 2018

Jewish Voice for Peace, May 29, 2018 – It’s just been confirmed that Shakira will not be performing in Israel anytime soon!

Media reports last week trumpeted a Tel Aviv concert as her first appearance in Israel. But after a massive global outcry, including by almost 15,000 JVP supporters, her concert promoter tweeted that no concert was on the cards.


Shakira is sending a super-star powered message: she’s choosing freedom, for Palestinians and all people, over apartheid and occupation.

Let’s send Shakira a huge thank you, and share this news everywhere!

Add your name now to thank Shakira for standing up for Palestinian rights — and we’ll deliver it directly to her:


This isn’t just celebrity gossip, it’s a real lever of power. When celebrities stay away, the Israeli public feels the pinch, and puts their politicians under pressure to fix it!

It couldn’t come at a more important time. Last night (in the US), the IDF bombed Gaza at least 30 times. 25 projectiles were fired back into Israel. And this morning the IDF intercepted a boat carrying medical supplies trying to break the naval blockade.

But in spite of those signs of war, nonviolent protests continued last Friday at the fence that walls Gaza off from the world. And we have to re-dedicate ourselves to our own nonviolent movement for justice alongside them.

The exact sequence of how the concert was called off is not clear, with her promoter tweeting: “the media has incorrectly reported that Shakira will be performing in Tel Aviv this summer.” But one thing IS clear: Shakira never has, nor has plans to, perform in Israel. That’s no coincidence for a global superstar who champions the rights of children.

One day, hopefully soon, Shakira will perform in a free and equal Tel Aviv. I truly believe that. And the next specific step to get there is to make sure as many people hear about this fantastic news as possible — and that Shakira and her team get the backup they need in the face of certain backlash.

Add your name now to thank Shakira for standing up for Palestinian rights:



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