Christian Emigrants from Jordan
Jordan May 7-9, 2010
In commemoration of the visit of the Pope Benedict XVI
 to Jordan
Promoted by and Abouna. Org
Abouna Labib Kobti and Abouna Rifal Bader
Historical Background:
Christians in Jordan are as old as two thousand years ago. Like their other brothers and sisters in the Arab world, they have been from the first centuries at the source of what made the Arabic language; they translated to different languages the Arabic civilizations; they worked since the Seventh century hand in hand with their Muslim country people to build what is today the Arab world.
As Christians are becoming fewer in the Middle East, a return to the sources is more than important today. We need to respond to the call of the Pope to support the Christian presence in our home countries. We need to put our hands together in a special way with our beloved Muslim sisters and brothers so as to witness to the world the Arab heritage of harmony, love, cooperation,  generosity, and love.
I come then with this initiative as calling for a
“Christian emigrants for Jordan”
that could be also emulated in many other Arabic countries, (Christians for Egypt, Christians for Iraq etc) so as to remind the Christian emigrants of their obligation to support their respective home countries.

Christians in Jordan (like in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Soudan …) are known for their love and devotion for their king and country.

Christians in the country had excellence in different sectors in the Jordanian life: familial, civil, social, political, education, medical, technology, economics, science etc.


Their love to Jordan did not cease when some of them emigrated for New World. Their dedication continued in the different countries of immigration.

After over 18 years in the USA working with Jordanians as well with Palestinians, Lebanese, Egyptians, Iraqi ands Syrians, I, Abouna Labib Kobti, can say that their devotion to their respective courtiers is so wonderful and so great. The lack of an institution that can help these immigrants to do something special to their countries has been a call in my heart for many years.


So as to continue this devotion to their respective king and county, Jordan,  and Abouna.Org have come with this initiative to call for a Convention in Jordan on May 7-9 to commemorate the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Jordan. (We proposed this date because it coincides with the date of the visit of the Pope,, but it could be changed to the Summer when a lot of immigrants decide to visit Jordan.  Chair persons who will take this initiative to their heart and make it work will choose the best date).

The Convention would bring Christians from different churches from all over the world to Jordan so as to meet, support, and create initiatives that can serve their home country.
Goal Statement:
  1. As Jordanian Christians emigrants, we come to our home country so as to bring family, love, prosperity, support, and action.
  2. We love our king, and we support his works and initiatives at the service of our dear people.
  3. Our old tradition as Christians of Jordan gives us the mission to continue to work hand in hand with our Muslim brothers and sisters for a better harmony, love, cooperation and sharing.
  4. TBD
Purpose of the Convention
  1. To bring back all emigrant Christians and especially their children to their home country for support.
  2. To support the Christian presence in Jordan and in the Middle East.
  3. To create job opportunities and new initiatives for development.
  4. To find ways that can help Jordan from our different countries of immigration
  5. To find out ways to help the needy
  6. Conventions have helped many of our children to find wives and husbands and create wonderful families
  7. TBD
Preparation of the Convention
1)      A need for a Director and Chair person in Jordan who can take on his hearts this task to organize the Convention.
He should be: (no Salary is involved; he should volunteer all his time)
  1. A need for a Director and Chair person in Jordan who can take on his hearts this task to organize the Convention.
    He should be: (no Salary is involved; he should volunteer all his time)
    A. Well know with his qualities as a good Christian and a leader
    B. Has experience of conventions in the past
    C. Has connections with the government
    D. Has connection with the different church leaders and Muslim leaders
    E. Has the qualities to delegate leadership and coordinate with committees
    F. Has good sense on economics as he should handle money and is very honest.
    G. Has the opportunity to set meetings with the journalists for newspapers, radio, TVs, Facebook,  Youtube, Internet
    H. Contact Abouna Rifat Bader in Jordan as a reference.
    I. Abouna Labib Kobti and Abouna Rifat will decide with a committee to assign that director
  2. A need for chair persons in different countries where Jordanians live: USA, Canada, Europe South America, Arabic Countries etc
  3. Chair persons should coordinate their efforts to sell the idea to their respective people and call on them to join the Convention in Jordan
  4. Chair persons should coordinate their work with the chair person in Jordan, with and deirectors as promoters of the idea of that Convention
Program of the Convention
We cannot give a specific one at this time, but any program should include the following:
  1. The immigrants will meet His Highness King Abdullah Bin Al Hussein on a day that we will be called in all Jordan “Immigrant day”.
  2. The immigrants should meet with the Christian leaders of the Country
  3. The immigrants should meet with the Muslim Leaders of the Country
  4. Visits of Petra, Jerash, Madaba, Maghtas and Dead Sea etc
  5. Youth and Children special visits to museums and important universities
  6. Parties in the evening, or visits to operas or local theaters
  7. Study days, a kind of research should be done on:
The needs of the Country: social, technology, economics, education, development:
The Question is:  What we can do to our Country?


Christian statistics: The Question is: How many Christians are in Jordan and outside (and where)? We do not have statistics till now.


The Christian and Muslim cooperation:
The Question is: How we can do better for a better Jordan?


D. Relation with our Countries of immigrations (sister cities): The question is:  How we can help20our home countries from the country where we live?


Some other ideas:
  1. The Convention can take place every year at an important hotels in Amman / Jordan
  2. We should not let the Ministry of Tourism take the upper hand on our Convention. They will be invited and should not be the one who would take it and become theirs.
  3. No politics before, during or after the Convention.


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31 Oct 2009