Gore and Gingrich Quotes to Aipac

Lest we begin to think that recent attention to Har Homa, settler violence, and Netanyahu's intransigence may have caused Washington to re-assess its unrelenting bias for Israel, see below.

Gore's statements should not be construed as exclusively his, but as necessisarily representing the Likudish policy of the Clinton administration. Gingrich has always been astute at playing his cards powerfully for the highest bidder. Clearly, in congress, that lies in allying with the strong coterie of AIPAC apologists. Note how these quotes not only present as fact the boldest misrepresentations made by Netanyahu's government, but even parrot the loaded terminology which are so masterfully loaded as to deny any fair discussion of the real issues.

We have not yet begun to crack this hard shell in Washington that imprisons the present and future of the Palestinian cause --and therefore damns any reasonable prospects for just and durable peace.

Peace. John

These quotes were sent by Rameen Zahed of the Peace and Justice Office of the United Church of Christ, and forwarded by John Worrell.

Quotes from Al Gore's Speech to AIPAC April 6, 1997

On his relationship with AIPAC: My relationship with AIPAC began in the very first days of my political life, long before I became vice president, and it will last far longer...I will never forget the support and will never take it for granted. For what AIPAC stands for, what it represents is nothing less than American solidarity with Israel and American solidarity with a democratic and peace Middle East.

On the Clinton Administration's relationship with Israel: [A]s I join you here as an ally and a partner, so, too, does President Clinton. I have said it before and I will say it again here - I believe deeply that historians will record that Israel has never, ever, had a better friend in the White House than President Bill Clinton.

[W]e will never permit anyone to drive a wedge between the United States and Israel. Our commitment to Israel's security will be as unshakable now as it has always been in the past. This commitment is ironclad and unequivocal. It rests on a strong moral and strategic foundation. It is based on shared values and on our unwavering commitment to democracy. Above all, let me assert my unshakable belief that this unique relationship is good for the United States of America.

On the Arab boycott of Israel: I am deeply angered by any attempt to reinstitute the Arab boycott of Israel. That time has long since passed. It is repugnant. It is reprehensible. We will do everything in our power to oppose it. It's wrong.

On the peace process: To achieve these goals [of peace in the Middle East], the United States has three guiding principles. Let me share them with you. First, the issues in contention cannot and will not be resolved through violence. That is unacceptable.

Second -- second, issues must be resolved through direct give-and-take negotiations between the parties involved. That is the true path to success. The United States cannot and will not seek to impose its will upon either side.

Third, outside pressures will only be counterproductive and will only serve to undermine the peace process. Only the parties can determine the future of their peoples. That is the essence and meaning of Oslo.

On Har Homa: As you know, while we expressed our concern about the timing of the decision to begin construction at Har Homa, we do not believe that Jerusalem or other permanent status issues are appropriate for others to decide. It is for this reason that United Sates, on two separate occasions, vetoed resolutions in the Security Council that sought to condemn Israel.

Quote's from Newt Gingrich's Speech to AIPAC April 8, 1997 On the peace process: [T]he great challenge we face is that Arafat and the forces of terrorism are in a coalition, engaged in an information warfare campaign against Israel, a campaign in which the American news media is serving as the witting or unwitting ally of Arafat.

[I]t's important to understand what exactly what is happening in the Middle East. Israel's enemies in the region are seeking to achieve through terror and coordinated propaganda what their could not achieve in battle - the defeat of Israel. Their active accomplice in this campaign is Israel's so-called partner in the peace process, Yasser Arafat.

More than three years after Oslo, he still has not fulfilled his promise to amend the PLO charter and remove its call for the destruction of Israel.

[N]otice the total lack of symmetry. Israel builds housing on empty land, terrorists kill Israelis, Israel is to blame -- a total lack of balance, a total lack of symmetry.

[T]here are three principles we need to impose. First, never allow a wedge to be driven between the United States and Israel.

Second, hold Yasser Arafat to his promises.

Third, take an active role in combating the false images of Israel in the press.

On Har Homa: Israel has begun the construction of a housing development on a barren hill top in Jerusalem situated between two existing Jewish neighborhoods. Israel is guilty of building on land owned by Jews within the boundaries of the city that every Israeli government and the Congress of the United States has recognized as Israel's eternal, undivided capitol.

Let me be clear. Har Homa is not, as the media attempts to insist, a settlement. It is a Jewish neighborhood in the city Israel has chosen as her capital.

On Jerusalem: I think it's important that the United States state simply and unequivocally, as we have in the Congress, that we recognize the undivided unity of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, period - and end all this, I think, fantasy on the part of the Palestinian that if only they make enough noise and have enough terrorism, somehow they will win diplomatically what they lost militarily.

Next week, I will introduce a resolution with Dick Gephardt to recognize the 30th anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem.

The message of the resolution is clear. The United Sates Congress believes in one Jerusalem, never again divided. It is the capital of Israel.

Miscellaneous: It is extraordinarily dangerous to confuse the aggressor and the victim. It is extraordinarily dangerous to confuse the terrorist and the democracy.