Home of Alleged Bomber to be Demolished

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This afternoon, LAW-Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights submitted an objection to the demolition of the second-floor apartment of the alleged perpetrator of the Tel Aviv bombing, Musa Abdel Qadar Ghanimat from Surif, Hebron. The apartment, sealed by the Israeli army on Friday, is set to be demolished at 6:00 pm tonight. The entire village of Surif , with a population numbering over 5000, remains under total curfew for the fifth day.

Attorneys for LAW argued that the demolition of Ghanimat's house is a collective punishment of his family. He left behind his young wife and four small children, between the ages of one and a half to eight years, who have not been accused of any involvement in the planning or execution of the attack. Collective punishment is an internationally condemned practice, and forbidden in the Fourth Geneva Convention.

The Ghanimat family lives in a small apartment on the second floor of his father's building. His brother lives adjacent to him in another small apartment. The lawyers claimed that the delicate task of demolishing Ghanimat's apartment on the second floor will also destroy his brother's apartment next door, in which seven persons live, including five young children. In addition the demolition will cause severe structural damage to the apartments on the first floor of the building. Lawyers for LAW are attempting to obtain permission from the Israeli army to enter the village with civil engineers to prepare a report on the structural damage that the demolition will cause to the other apartments in the building.

Israeli papers reported that Ghanimat did not use his house in Surif to plan the attack but allegedly hid the explosives in an apartment in Rishon L'Tzion, a town inside Israel near Tel Aviv. No attempts have been made to seal or issue a demolition order against this apartment.