We are more cousins, we are brothers and sisters

We are more cousins, we are brothers and sisters and we do want to love each others, and we shall one day overcome the so called differences.

The Arabs, Muslims and Christians, and the Jews will be for ever neighbours they learn to make peace and not war. USA and Europe will not help the Israelis for ever, they not stay friends to them for ever, for centuries the Jews did a lot of wonderful things in Europe, many discoveries were made by Jews or Jews descendents and look what they did to them, many times in the history of Europe.

Only your brother can feel with you. Arabs are the brothers of the Jews and the Israelis and the Palestinians should work for Comprehensive Justice and COMPREHENSIVE Peace.

Dear Labib,

My wife, Libby, and I are so pleased that the article meant something to you and that you will place it on your Web site to share with others.

We surely are cousins, at least, and children of Abraham. Workinig together, we can build a beautiful future and culture of meaning. But it is a process and will take some time.

With our warmest wishes,

Len Traubman E-mail: LTRAUBMAN@igc.org Web: http://www.igc.org/traubman/