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Palestinian Refugee ResearchNet (provides resources on the refugee issue in the broader context of the ME peace process. Information includes papers, analyses, documents, and details of current refugee research projects around the world)

Palestinian Development InfoNet (provides an overview of international assistance to the Palestine Authority, information on economic conditions and donor programs in the West Bank and Gaza, and links to both PA websites and those of NGOs active in the area.)

UNSCO (The official website of the office of the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Occupied Territories, responsible for the coordination of UN activities in the West Bank and Gaza. Includes UNSCO's highly-regarded quarterly report on socio-economic conditions, the UNSCO directories of donor NGOs and local NGOs active in Gaza, and UNSCO's "Partners in Peace" overview of sectoral aid programs.)

MEPP Links (An extensive collection of links on the Arab-Israeli conflict and Middle East peace process.

EMAIL LISTS PALDEV is a near-daily email digest devoted to news and discussion of development issues in the West Bank and Gaza, drawn from a variety of sources. Recent items (1-8 August) include: *news reports on PA Monetary Authority, Palestinian stock market *UNRWA's financial crisis (from Palestine Economic Pulse) *MEPFA renewal/US aid to PA *suspension of Israeli tax clearances to the PA *economic pressures on Arafat *house demolitions *news reports on the PLC corruption report *analyses of the impact of closure *new internet resources, updates to PDIN website.

FOFOGNET is a (approximately) weekly email digest devoted to news and discussion of the Palestinian refugee issue, drawn from a variety of sources. Recent items (July) include: *changes in Iraqi citizenship laws *UNRWA's financial crisis (from Palestine Economic Pulse) *Palestinians in Lebanon *reports on Jordan's development plans for refugee camps *Jerusalem ID confiscations *visitor permits to PA areas *Netanyahu's possible position on final status issues *new internet resources, updates to PRRN website. Both lists are FREE, but are strictly limited to subject specialists: policy-makers, scholars, journalists, and NGOs. For more information, or to subscribe, contact CYR6@MUSICA.MCGILL.CA

Support for PRRN/PDIN from the International Development Research Centre, the Canadian International Development Agency and the World Bank are gratefully acknowledged. The project coordinator is Rex Brynen, Department of Political Science, McGill University. The ICAS website can be found at