From Jerusalem to the extremities of the earth,
the challenge of peace: Jews, Christians and Moslems.

This important message, even though it was written sometime ago shows the impact of the Church for a just solution for the Cause of Jerusalem. This is the theme proposed to those who have the honor to open this encounter which is due to the spirit of faith, audacious and obstinated, of the Community of San Egidio.This same spirit of faith dwells in each one of us.

We are all gathered here, because we are all believers, and chirdren of the same father, Abraham. We are gathered in Jerusalem in order to reanimate our common roots, in this City which is at the same time unique and universal, eternal and actual, real and imaginary. Jerusalem, Jerusalem, if it is easy to sing you with the Harp of David, it is difficult to comprehend you for what you are in the complexity and the fullness of your vocation. We have to better understand the meaning of the belonging to Jerusalem of the three families issued form Abraham. Each one finds himself in it with different titles, but equally inadmissible.

Morevoer for the three religions, it is in Jerusalem that The last trumpet will blow and call again to life Jews, Christians and Moslems. But the attachment of the three to Jerusalern does not stop at the holy places only. It goes through them and embraces the whole city in its prophetical vocation.