I Pray for you, O Praying City, O Jerusalem: A christian Stand

By Rev. Labib Kobti

As we pray for Jerusalem, the Holy City of prayer, we ask you to pray with us and take a stand. By Re. Labib Kobti

Jerusalem is the Holy site of prayer. Jerusalem is the real city of prayer, unique in the world where Jews, Christians and Muslims come to meet with God and pray. That wonderful city of prayer, that praying city is a cause of of contradiction between those people who pray. Jerusalem became, as says the Memorandum about Jerusalem (signed in Jerusalem on Nov.14.1994 by catholics, orthodox and protestants of Jerusalem, (Our Magazine Al-Bushra published the Memorandum at the Issue of April-June 1995), "a rallying cry for different revived nationalistic and fundamentalistit stirring in the region and elsewhere. And unfurtunatly, the city has become a source of conflict and disharmony".

SPEAKING about Jerusalem, is not only a political issue but a spiritual and social and human rights issue, since "in Jerusalem is born every Christian, as continues the Memorandum, to be in Jerusalem is for every Christian to be at home".

DEFENDING our rights over Jerusalem is not an anti-Semitic or anti-Israeli matter because for us Christians: It is speaking about our " place of roots, ever living and nourishing...where the history of salvation which fulfills God's design in and through Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, took place". (the Memorandum). And because we Arab christians are SEMITES as well as our brothers and sister the Arab Muslims and the Jews of the Holy Land are semites. And as christians we are spiritually semites, as said the Pope, as much as any bodly in the world.

SEEKING justice for Jerusalem is not involving ourselves in a political labyrinth. ON THE CONTRARY, it is a kind of respect for our CATHOLIC, CHRISTIAN, MUSLIM and JEWISH Leaders who spoke clearly about the right of every body for equal duties and responsabilities in Jerusalem. We have to show them that we are concerned as much as they are about Jerusalem as we need to join our prayers for God, Allah, Adonia Jahweh the ONE MOST HOLY for every body, who wants us to share and cooperate and love each other in the HOLY CITY, the CITY OF PRAYER and PEACE.

It is a respect:

We need to say to our friends in and out of the USA and all over the world that: