An overview of the History of Jerusalem

Bishop Hanna Kaldnay, former Roman Catholic Bishop (Latin) of Nazareth.

Prepared by Rev. Labib Kobti

Do you know that Jerusalem has been occupied more than 20 times and ruined 18 times.

Do you know that:

1- Pagan Domination lasted 800 years

2- Jewish Domination lasted 543 years

3- Christian Domination lasted 427 years

4- Muslim Domination lasted 1193 years.

N.B. For some dates, not all historians are in agreement. For certain dates, there is a five year gap ( at the maximum) among historians 2- The 33 years of Herod's role have been counted with the Roman domination 3- During some periods (under pagan domination), jews enjoyed a certain local autonomy (as during the British Mandate: authority of the Jewish Agency, competence of rabinical courts).

Comments: 1- By Patriarch Michel Sabbah, Roman Catholic (latin) Archbishop of Jerusalem