The Great Jubilee

My friends, The Pope with the Head of Christian Churches in Middle East and in Jerusalem announced the Jubilee of Redemption 2000 years after Jesus Christ. This is what some called today "Jerusalem 2000". That Jubilee has absolutly nothing to do with the so called Israeli "Jerusalem 3000" that the Vatican and the Christians of the Middle East with the Muslim Commununities did not agree with.

This Jubilee was coordinated with the Palestinian Authority; President Arafat has visited the Pope twice for that reason during his trips to Europe, and with the Israeli Governement as well.

It was opened on December 1 1996, first Sunday of Advent. as three years of preparation for the Great Jubilee of 2000.

On that Jubilee the Pope may come to visit the Holy Land, it is not confirmed yet. He will never come to stay in the Holy Land, never, those who say these things are only kidding.

The Pope and the Head of Christian Churches in the Middle East and in Jerusalem with their brothers the Muslim communities and Authorities are asking for Jerusalem Capital of two states Palestine and Israel.

The Great Jublilee should be an occasion in which we are called not only to celebrate 2000 years of Jesus Christ, but especially an occasion in which we celebrate 2000 years of Christian presence in Jerusalem and the Middle East as well to celbrate the cooperation between THREE RELIGIONS in Jerusalem and the Middle East: Jews, Christians and Muslims and as a committement will to work together for the best of the Middle East, the Holy Land and Jerusalem, for Justice and Peace for all. It is also an occasion in which we should ask FORGIVENESS for mistreating each other SOME TIMES , and the difficults in the past, a commitment to for forget the past and build the future. The Pope has started this in Assisi/Italy when all the religions came pry together.

Arab Muslims, Arab Christians and Jews of the Holy Land not any Jews are the real Semites, sons and daughters of the same Father Abraham, they are called to seek JUSTICE, EQUALITY of rights and responsabilies to reach a COMPREHNSIVE PEACE.

Already it exisits a real cooperation between the Arab Chistians and Arab Muslims in Jerusalem and the Middle East, that cooperation started also with some Jewish organizations but not with the Israeli Governement.

The Jubilee should be for all of US, an occasion to love each other, to cooperate and to GIVE THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE a just and comprehensive peace with their real STATE PALESTINE whose CAPITAL is JERUSALEM.

Rev. Labib Kobti