"Sharing Jerusalem: Two Capitals for Two States"

June 17-21, 1997

We would like to extend this invitation for you to join us at our week-long series of cultural and political events to occur during the 17th to 21st of June 1997. This event will be held in both East and West Jerusalem and the Old City under the theme: "Sharing Jerusalem: Two Capitals for Two States." The activities will include a solidarity demonstration and march through East and West Jerusalem and the Old City; a two-day symposium; and a series of performing and plastic art events created by Palestinian, Israeli, and international artists.

Our goal is to mobilize concerned Israelis and Palestinians, and to draw the attention of the domestic and international community to the urgency of addressing the future of Jerusalem in a way which recognizes the political and human rights of all residents in the city. This project is supported by thousands of Palestinians and Israelis and is our way to say that the people of Jerusalem should have a voice in the future of the city and want to live together in peace.

The Steering Committee of "Sharing Jerusalem" consists of activists, intellectuals, politicians and artists from Palestine, Israel, and the international community who support this project and its aims.

The Steering Committee includes: Jose RAMOS-HORTA--Nobel Peace Prize recipient 1996, East Timor; Adrienne RICH--poet, USA; Gloria STEINEM--cofounder MS Magazine, USA; Hanan ASHRAWI--Minister of Education, PNA; Faisal HUSSEINI--Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, PNA; Leila SHAHID--Palestinian Ambassador to France; Shulamit ALONI--former Minister of Culture, Israel; Naomi CHAZAN--Deputy Speaker of Knesset, Meretz Party, Israel; Galia GOLAN--spokesperson, "Peace Now", Israel.

There are many ways you can show your support for "Sharing Jerusalem":

We thank you in advance your support of "Sharing Jerusalem" and hope to see you in Jerusalem in June!

Bat Shalom is a feminist center for peace and social justice. Our aim is to work toward a democratic and pluralistic society in Israel, where women will be of more influence. By bringing together women peace activists, educators, and community leaders, we strive to raise one another's consciousness and to create together a culture of peace and social justice in Israel. Bat Shalom with its Palestinian counterpart, The Jerusalem Center for Women, were founded together in 1994 and jointly form the Jerusalem Link -- Israeli and Palestinian women working for peace.