Israeli Comedy Show Host Implores Israelis to Wake Up and Smell the Apartheid

Posted on May 22, 2018

Published on Mar 1, 2017: Asaf Harel’s scathing indictment of Israeli society has gone viral.

A few comments:

  • “People who tell the truth have always been rare, because it’s inconvenient to tell the truth.”
  • “This speech single handedly restored my long lost hope for peace. Such powerful words.”
  • “Straight from his heart to my heart.”
  • “I wish Americans on tv would have as much guts as the guy.”
  • “I hope you wake up Israel & end this sillyness. Takes major guts & humility to say that to your people. Kudos to you sir! Two state equal solution the only way. Free Palestine.”
  • “I am SO thankful for this guy. For once, I feel like there is some hope for a practical solution and Peace can prevail in this unnecessary conflict. THANK YOU for letting me know that I am not alone or crazy, as I a fully and exactly agree with this guy. Please keep giving speeches like this. Sadly, I feel like the Zionist movement has devolved into an unhealthy crazed nationalism whereby the Israelis treat the Palestinians as sub-human. We are all Homo Sapiens. Human Rights for ALL.”
  • “People don’t need to be Muslim or Arab to see the problem with Israeli policy towards Palestinians. Thank you for the voice of reason, and not letting your ethnicity or religion define your opinion!!”
  • “Damn, this is a start. More Israelis need to speak out against the tyranny being carried out in their name, just minutes away from their homes. For a country that claims to be a democracy, it’s sitting comfortable in the 1800’s.”
  • “WOW, how refreshing to see an Israeli citizen condemn the apartheid government; NO ONE speaks up against the treatment of the Palestinians, no one, not the MSM, our government, NO ONE. It’s 100% support for Israel, right or wrong. I was very happy to see this TV host explain it so perfectly and realize how disgusting the situation is there. Kudos to him; I’m waiting for the day the citizens of Israel will wake up and see what their government is doing is despicable.
  • “Wow, this is so so good to hear. I hope this mans honest words help the Israelis actually wake up and face the situation with honesty, empathy, and compassion. I used to think National Service was a good thing, but I think Israel has shown that it can be used to harden teenagers into a state of no compassion, empathy, or respect for other human beings, particularly Palestinians.”
  • “This man is the conscience of Israel. Enormous respect to him and all other Israelis fighting to make their country moral. Israelis and Palestinians must be brothers and sisters living in equality and love. The Apartheid system must perish.”