Published on Wednesday, April 10, 2002


Please, Dad, Tell Me: How Do I Stop Being Complicit?

by Sarah Shields

Dear Dad,

It was an enormously heavy responsibility you raised me with. You
taught me that the Jews have been oppressed for centuries. You taught
me that the holocaust could only happen because the Germans were
silent. You taught me that Jews must never, never, never be silent
when injustice occurs, because our silence makes us complicit.

You taught me about history, and you taught me by your actions. As a
rabbi, you preached against racism in the south, and had to leave a
pulpit in Louisiana when they threatened to kill our family. You
worked for open housing laws, insisting that there should be no
ghettos in America like the ones your parents had lived in in Europe.
You counseled Jewish kids who were conscientious objectors, eliciting
the hostility of many who believed that the Vietnam war was a valiant
struggle for justice in our time.

It is a heavy responsibility I carry now. Because now I am complicit.
I have not stood in front of the tanks that are killing other
mothers' children in refugee camps. I have not ridden in ambulances
to help them get past checkpoints so that the injured could be cured.
I have not laid in front of the bulldozers to prevent their
destroying a family's shelter.

What can I do about this injustice?

Palestinians are losing their property, their lives, and their
children every day. The Israeli army shoots at unarmed civilians,
imposing collective punishments that make it impossible for
Palestinians to get food, water, or power. For decades, Israel has
paid settlers to move into occupied territory.

International law reflects the consensus of the world's sense of
right. International law seeks to protect the powerless. And
international law is clear. Occupying countries have to protect the
lives and property of the local population. It is not legal to
establish settlements at all. Why do Israel and the US pay Israelis
to move into them?

There are Palestinian terrorists. They have been raised under
occupation. Know what? Israeli soldiers treat occupied people the
same way other armies have treated occupied people. The stories are
horrendous. Arbitrary beatings. Tauntings. Killings. Arrests without
charge. Torture. Threatening parents in front of children. Stepping
on "prisoners" trying to move between check points. Strip searches.
The use of power to humiliate.

When people are humiliated, and have no homes to return to because
the homes have been destroyed by the occupying army, When people are
humiliated, and have no family to hold them in their arms because
they have been shot and unable to get medical care, When people are
humiliated, and have no hope for the future, They see no alternative
to violence.

You taught me Judaism's universal message. "I am a Jew because in all
places where there are tears and suffering the Jew weeps." I believed
Edmond Fleg's words, "I am a Jew because Israel places man and his
unity above nations and above Israel itself."

Dad, we have become the oppressors. One rabbinic student told me
years ago when I lived in Israel that this was the meaning behind the
warning to remember that we were slaves in the land of Egypt. We were
warned to remember, because sometimes slaves want to become masters.

We are the oppressors, and we are also the victims. Jews are being
killed, and at the same time, the moral imperative that you taught me
was part of being Jewish seems to be vanishing. I believe that Jews
are being used by an American administration to accomplish its own
ends, ends that have nothing to do with the ideals of Jews. We need
to shout aloud that 80% of the billions that the US gives Israel in
aid must be spent on weapons, and that more than half of those
weapons are built in Texas. And Jews are being used by an Israeli
government that has no interest except territorial expansion. Sharon
is the ideological heir to Jabotinsky. Land for peace was never in
that ideology. War makes conquest possible, and all the people of
Israel and Palestine are being drawn, tragically and together, into
that war.

We must act, and we must act immediately. Jews are being used to
legitimize the slaughter of Palestinians.

Please, Dad, tell me how to be like you taught me to be. How do I
stop being complicit?

I love you.


Sarah Shields is an associate professor of Middle East history at UNC
Chapel Hill.