Rubber coated metal bullets

Date: Mon, 14 Jul 97 19:32:

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The San Diego Union Tribune WORLD UPDATE

July 14, 1997

Israeli soldiers respond to violence

HEBRON, West Bank -- Israeli troops wounded 16 Arabs, including five news cameramen, during clashes in Hebron yesterday as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Palestinians they would pay dearly if violence continued.

Palestinians on the PLO-ruled side of the city hurled stones and gasoline bombs at soldiers in the Israeli-occupied part of the city. Witnesses said troops responded with rubber-coated metal bullets and live ammunition.


Finally someone calling them by what they are , metal coated by rubber, instead of the innocuous name rubber bullets. when will they start calling them by what they really are, "rubber coated metal bullets with the rubber slashed to release the metal in the body of the victim" bullets.