Al-Ayyam: Israeli Interior Ministry 'Plotting to Judaize

Date: 97-07-05 07:32:34

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al-Ayyam: Israeli Interior Ministry 'Plotting to Judaize Jerusalem'

The following is excerpted for personal research purposes, in compliance with the "fair use" clause of Canadian copyright law, from Ramallah al-Ayyam (Internet version) in Arabic 30 Jun 97, as translated by the Foreign Broadcast Information Service.


Jerusalem--Olmert's Israeli municipality has asked 58-year-old Nu'man Abu-Sunaynah, a resident of 'Ayn al- Lawzah in Silwan, to pay a fine equivalent to $206,000, which it recently imposed on him under the excuse that he built a house without obtaining a license. This is a very large amount for citizen Abu-Sunaynah, who is unemployed because of illness. Abu-Sunanyah wondered how he is going to pay this fine while supporting an 11-member family living in a 140-meter square house, consisting of three rooms with utilities. Abu-Sunaynah's case is an inseparable part of the rabid campaign that Olmert's municipality has been carrying out over the past few days against Palestinian citizens in the occupied city of Jerusalem. Muhammad Salim, head of the Jerusalem Aid Committee, said that Israel is working on striping the Palestinians through its policy of demolishing houses. It demolished around 100 houses in al- 'Isawiyah, Silwan, Ra's al-'Amud, Bayt Hanina, and Shu'fat areas, between the beginning of 1994 and the end of last April. One hundred and twenty houses are also under the threat of being demolished during the coming days and weeks because their owners received administrative demolition orders. These orders are usually executed within 24 to 72 hours.

Salim added that these practices are coordinated between the Israeli Interior Ministry and Olmert's municipality, both of which he described as "two gangs plotting to Judaize Jerusalem through a policy identical to the policy of Netanyahu."

In statements to al-Ayyam, Salim said there is a connection between the policy of imposing fines on citizens and the house demolition policy. Israel is intentionally imposing high fines to financially exhaust the citizen before issuing the demolition orders, thus holding the citizen chiefly responsible for everything that happens to his house. Salim added that the rate of fines has increased lately in a manner that exhausts and frustrates the citizens. The fines vary between 10,000 to hundreds of thousands of shekels. He pointed out that in addition to citizen Abu-Sunaynah's case, a 32,000-shekel fine on Husayn al-Ghul and 22,000-shekel fine on the family of Samirah Fatlah were imposed.

Additionally, the following citizens were asked to pay various fines under the excuse that they built houses without license. Those are: Ni'maty al-Rajabi, 10,000 shekel; Anis Hijazi, 40,000; In'am Adib, 50,000; 'Adnan al-Rajabi, 59,000; Yunus Summarin, 43,000; Fawzi Kiswani, 25,000; Jamal Abu- Shamikh, 150,000; Fayiz Julani, 75,000; 'Abd Abu-Hadwan, 12,000; Yusuf al-Julani, 75,000; Maryam Abu-Dhiyab, 20,000; Majid Abu- Shamsiyah, 23,000; 'Abdallah Abu-Nab 7,000; Jamal Bashir, 15,000; Nafithah Nassar, 20,000; Widad Abu-Hadwan, 30,000; and Taysir Abu- Rumuz, 25,000. The fines against these individuals is the first step to executing the demolition policy. Salim called on the citizens not to go to Olmert's municipality to obtain construction permits because it is a "trap" set for them. He described the municipality's employees and their supervisors as "malicious gangs" who hate the city of Jerusalem, and who are working to Judaize it and obliterate its Palestinian, Arab, and Islamic features.

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