Second Expulsion of Jahalin

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Jerusalem, Monday, 27 January, 1997, 9.30 am

The Israeli army is forcibly evicting the second group of Jahalin from the building site of Ma'ale Adumim today to make way for the completion of apartments for Jewish Israelis and new Jewish immigrants.

This expulsion is based on the claim by the Israeli authorities that the land upon which the Jewish colony of Ma'ale Adumim is being built, is "state land" i.e. land which has been taken from Palestinians to be put to the use of Jews exclusively.

In the case of the Jahalin, the Ministry of Justice has announced that it destroyed its own files of the hearings in which the land was determined to be "state land" and not Palestinian-owned land. Therefore the State of Israel has no proof that the land is "state land" even according to Israeli military law.

The destruction of evidence in this case is not a crime according to the President of the High Court of Justice, Justice Aharon Barak, the Ministry of Justice, the Israeli Police department, the Jerusalem Bar Association, and the State Comptroller - all of whom have been served with notification of the destruction of this evidence. The Society of St Yves calls on the local and international legal community to help with an investigation into this destruction of evidence.

Lynda Brayer, the executive legal director of the Society of St Yves, maintains that the forcible eviction of the Jahalin is a violation of international law, a violation of local law, is a crime in itself and is based on the crime of destroyed evidence.

We call on the local and international communities to make the strongest protest to the Israeli government against this crime against humanity.

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