23 June 1997

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Despite previous claims by the Israeli government that they have ceased house demolitions in the Occupied West Bank in order to restore confidence in the failing "peace process", the Israeli military authorities have issued 17 new house demolition orders, including 15 in one village near Hebron. All of the houses lie near settler bypass roads.

The homeowners are:

Nablus: Ahmad Hassan Ahmad Sama'na, and his brother Yassir from Beit Iba, in their five-room house.

Hebron/Halhoul: Yussuf Abdul Aziz Mahmoud Karajeh, a house, well and storage area for 10 people. It lies 250 meters from the nearest bypass road;

Beit Omar - all of which because they lie in the vicinity of by-pass road #60: * Saqar Abdul Karim Abu Maria's 110 meter home for 22 people, built in 1981; * Mahmoud Jamil Mahmoud Abu Maria, 18 people live in this home, built in 1966; * Nasri Jamil Mahmoud Abu Maria, 13 people, built in 1981; * Wael Mohammed Zaher Abu Ayyash, 7 people, built in 1995; *Ahmed Zaher Mahmoud Abu Ayyash, 10 people, built in 1985; *Azzedin Abdul Fatah Abu Maria, 5 people, 1995; *Omar Hassan Alaqam, 17 people, 1995; *Hamed Yussuf Subarna, 14 people, 1995; *Mohammed Hassan Baraqis, 34 people, 1995; *Munser Hassan Sabarna, 14 people, *Saber Abu Maria, 12 people, 1996; *Ibrahim Mahmoud Abdul Hamid. *Mohammed Hassan Monsour Baraqis.

Some of these owners have building permits, and some of the houses in this area date back to 1954. All those who do not have building permits applied unsuccessfully, and now the military authorities have informed the inhabitants that the homes lie too close to the new by-pass road, and must be destroyed.

LAW sees this ongoing house demolition campaign as part of the ethnic cleansing policy on the part of the military authorities and the Israeli government, to remove the Palestinian population from areas near Israeli military installations, Jewish settlements or the settler by-pass roads. This policy was enacted in order to enable the Israeli government to negotiate over "empty" land and thus force further concessions from the Palestinians. In the meantime, hundreds are made homeless, and Palestinians are further dispossessed from their lands. Write to Prime Minister Netanyahu at (972) (2) 566 4838 and Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai (972) (3) 6916940 and demand an end to the Israeli policy of ethnic cleansing.

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