Decimation of Palestinians in Occupied Territories of Palestine

The Society of St Yves wishes to bring to the attention of Christians in the world that the Israeli government has begun to implement systematically policies and practices that are intended to wipe out the Christian community of East Jerusalem and the West Bank in occupied Palestine. The following
steps are now being put fully into effect:

1.Resident Aliens

Christians and Muslims who live in occupied Palestine are resident aliens according to Israeli legal practice.They are not recognized as natives, or indigenous people having the right to live where they were born - rights known as the ius soli - nor do they have the rights to live here as the descendants of local natives - rights known as the ius sanguinis.

Israel does not recognize the rights of non Jews to family in areas under its domination. This means of course that nonJewish society and its needs is not taken into consideration at all by the Israeli authorities.


The Israelis have forbidden all new buildings and proper external renovations of Christian property in the Christian quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem and have thus managed to restrict the number of Christians living in the Old city. Living conditions are over-crowded, unsanitary and inadequate in most cases, as a result of these laws.

3.Spot Zoned

The East Jerusalem Arab villages and neighbourhoods have been "spot" zoned: that is, 90% of Arab owned land is left unzoned so that it cannot legally be used. Therefore of no economic value and cannot be sold. The 10% that has been zoned most of which is defined as "open landscape area" has left Arabs
with a shortfall of approximately 23,000 apartments.

4. Living Sapce

In East Jerusalem Arabs have about 3 sq. m. living space per person: in Jewish areas of both East and West Jerusalem, Jews have about 19 sq. m. living space per person. To exemplify this disparity, the figures are such that between 1990 and 1993, 6607 houses were built by the public authorities for Jews, while private Palestinians could only build 463 houses.

5. Location of buildings

Where building can take place, Arabs have to pay now about $30,000 for a licence and levies. Jews have their housing built with a pre-prepared infrastructure which is included in the price, and for which they receive subsidised mortgages. Also there are no land costs in Jewish building.

6. New Jewish Neighborhoods

The Israelis have built only new Jewish neighbourhoods in occupied East Jerusalem on confiscated and expropriated Arab land sometimes using the pretext of law as a justifcation. There is no public housing with public subsidies for Arabs.

7. Moving out & lack of housing

These policies and practices have forced people to move out of Israeli-defined Jerusalem into the neighbouring towns of Ramallah and Bethlehem and the adjacent villages.

This lack of housing now is now being used against the Palestinians who live in the West Bank even though they have Jerusalem identity cards, thus denying them their rights in Jerusalem


In the latest clamp down by the Israeli authorities - the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Internal Security (sic: formerly the Police Ministry) Christians working in Jerusalem and carrying Jerusalem identity cards who have been living in Bethlehem and Ramallah and other villages, are about to lose
their right to work in Jerusalem, and with it their rights to social security, child support and health insurance, for which they have paid during their entire professional lives.


10. The loss of work and the attendant loss of income, together with the loss of benefits these identity cards confer, will create a situation whereby Christians are being forced to turn to their relatives abroad in order for them to find a place where they can find work, and take care of their

11.Such emigration is the direct result of Israeli policies and is in fact a form of expulsion, or "voluntary transfer," as Israeli politicians euphemistically call it.

12. People who have been living abroad because of the need to work there or to study, are now being denied a renewal of their Jerusalem identity cards and therefore are automatically losing their rights to Jerusalem residency with all its attendant consequences. They are being turned into exiles!


13. The loss of a Jerusalem identity card also means that heirs to Jerusalem property who are no longer living in Jerusalem will lose their property to the Israeli government under the guise that this is now Absentee Property according to Israeli law. This is one of the basic goals of Zionist


14. At the same time, there are Christians who have been living in Jerusalem for many years who have been refused Jerusalem identity cards, and they live in abject terror of the Israeli authorities finding them. Their children have difficulty attending schools, particularly if they are in either
Ramallah and Bethlehem. These people have no rights whatsoever.


15. Christian schools have been severely hit by these regulations, which have seriously affected teachers and pupils living in Bethlehem or Ramallah.
These schools will probably have to close down or move out of Jerusalem.And this after more than one hundred years of operation.


16. The confinement of Christians and all Arabs to Palestinian micro-areas - ghettos or "palestans" - is the implementation of the new political and economic dispensation of Oslo: hafrada in Hebrew and apartheid in Afrikaans. This is part of the continuing Zionist policies of all Israeli government to make the Jewish state as free of non-Jews as possible. For all governments this covers "Greater Israel" which means all of Palestine west of the Jordan river.

17. The practices in Jerusalem apply equally in the West Bank. The removal of identity cards for people living abroad, and loss of property rights applies here as well. The lack of housing as a result of
non-planning, and the general de-development of this territory leaves people with no work. There are also no economic prospects for the future.

18. The residents of the West Bank suffer a serious shortage of water in order to permit the Jews to have water on tap without restriction in the West Bank and Israel proper. Jews are allocated 280 litres/day and Arabs 65 litres/day according to Israeli sources. Palestinians pay up to 6 times as
much for their water than Jews do!

19. West Bank Christians are seriously contemplating leaving the area as they are faced with chronic unemployment and ultimate starvation. As a result of these deliberately created atrocious living conditions, we are now about to witness an enforced exodus of Christians from the Holy Land
where they have been witnesses for the past 2000 years. The celebration of Jesus, birth in the year 2000 will be in the presence of a dying remnant of Christians in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The Society of St. Yves maintains that the governments of Israel are creating those conditions which inevitably lead to the death of the Palestinian Christian community in the occupied territories including East Jerusalem.

Please send this message to everyone you know. Write a letter for clarification of these issues to the Israeli embassy nearest to you in protest. Please forward theirresponses to us and we will give you the truth as against their prevarication.

Please come to our aid and please start campaigning to prevent this exile!!

Lynda Brayer, Advocate
Executive Legal Director
Society of St. Yves - Catholic Legal Resource and
Human Rights Center
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Please help us with your prayers and take a stand to speak about Justice and
Peace in the Holy Land. Thanks

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