Dear Mr. Netanyahu

Tue, 12 Aug 97

From: Zeveiwolf

The demolition of Palestinian homes by the Israeli authorities in the West Bank and East Jerusalem is wrong. It is based on a policy that denies building permits to Palestinians and then, when homes are built to relieve overcrowding, the army demolishes them.

We note that:

* Demolition of a home is cruel and inhuman punishment to the families -- most of whom are children. It leaves behind trauma, devastation, and destitution.

* Demolition of Palestinian homes constitutes a gross violation of the right of all human beings to adequate housing, and contravenes major international human rights conventions ratified by the state of Israel.

* Home demolition is an act of violence that undermines the desire for peace among the Palestinian population, and encourages extremist elements.

We demand that Israeli authorities immediately cease the demolition of Palestinian homes in the territories, and issue building permits to accommodate the natural growth and expansion of the Palestinian population.

Respectfully, Dr. William S. Friend New York, USA

I might add that your actions are destroying any credibility the Jewish People have with the world community. Perhaps you don't care about that, by I do. Don't drag me into your outmoded notions of Zionist philosophy which is the latest in a long line of Jewish heresies.