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Jahalin Bedouin Families Relocated Near Garbage Dump CPT Hebron Release

The Christian Peacemaker Team is thorough in its documentation and reportage, and always scrupulously fair. Their take on the Jahalin situation is therefore worth forwarding, even though it contains much that has already been sent to you. It also contains some email addresses that you might not otherwise have received.

On Monday, January 27, the Israeli military forcibly evicted 6 more Jahalin Bedouin families from their land near the West Bank settlement of Maale Adumim east of Jerusalem. The land on which the Jahalin have lived since the 1950's, when they were evicted from their native land in the Negev, will be used for settlement expansion.

After destroying the Jahalin tents/homes, the military forcibly moved the bedouin families to a site near Abu Dis which has already been declared unfit for human habitation due to its proximity to a waste disposal site. According to eyewitnesses, 8 persons were injured and required medical treatment after being beaten by the military. Israel Radio reported that 6 Jahalin had "slipped in the mud and were likely injured."

Local activists and human rights researchers believe that the Israeli government has decided to use an incremental approach in removing the Jahalin from their land in order to minimize negative publicity and public protest. The military previously evicted a Jahalin family on January 14. The ongoing eviction of the Jahalin Bedouin highlights the continued expansion of settlements and displacement of Palestinians from their land in the vast majority of the West Bank which remains under Israeli occupation.

Individuals are urgently requested to continue sending letters to the following authorities calling for an immediate end to the forced eviction of the Jahalin and their relocation to a site which is dangerous for their health. The government may try to forcibly remove more families in the coming week. Individuals are also encouraged to send letters to their local newspapers highlighting the plight of the Jahalin.

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu FAX 011-(972) 2 566-4238

e-mail: likud1@likud.org.il (this address seems to work sometimes)

Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai FAX 011 (972) (3) 691-6940.

Addresses in Canada and the US:

Embassy Of Israel - Ottawa 50 O'Connor St. #1005 Ottawa ONT K1P 6L2 tel. 613 567-6450 FAX 613-237-8865 e-mail an390@freenet.carleton.ca Consulate-General Toronto hasbara@lucid.idirect.com

Israel UN Mission -- IsraelUN@aol.com

Embassy of Israel

Washington 3414 International Dr. NW Washington DC 20008 tel. 202 364-5500 FAX 202 363-4156 e-mail DCIsrael@ix.netcom.com

Consulate-General of Israel, Atlanta cgisrael@netcom.com Consulate-General of Israel, Chicago - homepage@israel.org

Consulate-General of Israel, Houston - isramail@insync.net

Consulate-General of Israel, Los Angeles - israinfo@primenet.com

Consulate-General of Israel, Miami - ISRAELMI@gate.net

Consulate-General of Israel, New York - nycon@interport.net

Consulate-General of Israel, Philadelphia - net1@israphl.org

Consulate-General of Israel, San Franciso - ISRAELI@HOLONET.NET

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