Israel, China, and human rights

Date: 97-05-05 07:24:40

From: JnWorrell

I suppose this item, posted by SNS, a subsidiary of Israel News Service, could be titled "the POT CALLING KETTLE BLACK". Or, how about:"Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander".

However, the US, as we know, is even less likely in dealing with Israel than with China, to hinge economic relations --or even direct foreign aid-- to Human Rights violation compliance.

Peace. John

Human Rights A Precondition to Economic Dealings (SNS News Service -Israel..5/5/97) Minister of Industry and Trade (Yisrael B'Aliyah) Natan Sharansky made it clear that prior to the furthering of economic dealing with the Republic of China, the issue of human rights must be addressed.

At a meeting with China's State Planning Commission Minister Chen Jinuha, Sharansky urged his guest to improve the human rights situation in China, to build economic confidence between China and Israel.

Despite being advised by the Israel Foreign Ministry to the contrary, Sharansky did raise the issue of human rights. He stated as a former activist for human rights, "I cannot stay silent while the basic rights of thousands are being violated and many are in prison."

Sharansky made it clear that the credibility of Chinese officials is directly linked to their dealings with human rights activists.

Leaders meeting with Sharansky explained that they recently explained to US Vice President Al Gore that the situation vis- -vis human rights in China was not as bad as portrayed in the western media.